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Community Investment Fund


Catalyst Corporate and the National Credit Union Foundation are partnering to give member credit unions a new Community Investment Fund (CIF) option. The CIF supports financial education, professional development, community outreach, and disaster relief initiatives across the country.

The new alliance allows member credit unions to choose products such as callable and bullet U.S. Government agency securities. Members can specify the percentage of interest income to be shared with NCUF, as well as the fund designation. Catalyst also offers investment products that return 50 percent of interest income to NCUF. Among the products is a Catalyst certificate of deposit (strictly a CIF investment product) that features maturity options of six months, 12 months or 18 months. Other investment products include a 90-day notice account.

The new alliance is a result of winding down the traditional CIF model that was tied to U.S. Central.

Download the CIF Commitment of Support Authorization Form (PDF)

How does the Catalyst CIF Option Work?

Celebrating its twelfth year, the NCUF’s Community Investment Fund gives credit unions the ability to leverage their investments to support innovative credit union programs. To participate in the Catalyst CIF Option, credit unions invest in an agency that is held in a Catalyst safekeeping account or Catalyst certificate. As interest is paid on the security, a share of the interest is returned to investing credit unions, with the remainder donated to the NCUF. NCUF grants half of its interest to each investing credit union’s state foundation or league for their development programs. NCUF uses the remaining portion of the CIF interest to support its national programs including:

  • REAL Solutions® (A service that focuses on helping credit unions offer products and services for modest means households by working through state credit union leagues.)
  • Financial Education including Biz Kid$ and Grants
  • Credit Union Development Education
  • CUAid – Disaster Relief

For questions about this service, contact an investment officer at 800.405.7067 or email


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