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Catalyst Corporate’s weekly member newsletter addresses issues of interest to credit unions and provides important updates about Catalyst Corporate services and programs. Articles from recent issues are available by clicking on the titles below.

Catalyst Connect – October 17, 2017     

    Forty Years of Forum: Earlier this month, more than 250 credit union leaders gathered at Catalyst Corporate's 40th annual Economic Forum. There were a lot of economic insights and forecasts from Wall Street to Main Street, but Catalyst Corporate's EVP of Member Relations says some of the highlights weren't found in the charts or graphs on stage…

    No Recession; No Problem! Without fear of a near-term recession, credit unions can continue to count on strong loan growth – at least according to former CUNA chief economist and Economic Forum fan-favorite, Bill Hampel. Read more economic insights from his presentation.

    The Benefits of SimpliCD: SimpliCD is a Certificate of Deposit Purchasing and Issuing program available through Catalyst Corporate. Catalyst Corporate's investment officer and CD specialist explains some of the ways your credit union may be able to benefit from this service.

    Celebrate International Credit Union Day Oct. 19: International Credit Union Day celebrates the spirit of the global credit union movement, promotes its achievements and recognizes the hard work and shared member experiences. Check out this video from Catalyst Corporate's members wishing YOU a happy International Credit Union Day!

    Fall Training Opportunities: Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (Oct 18), ACH Rules - Audit Requirements (Oct. 25), Funds Transfer Service (Nov. 8) and Corporate Checking & Positive Pay (Nov. 15).

Catalyst Connect – October 10, 2017     

    What’s Happening in the Economy? Thomas Siems, assistant vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, presented, “What’s Going on in the Economy? In Search of a One-Handed Economist,” last week at Catalyst Corporate’s Economic Forum. So, how is the Fed doing? “Well, that depends," Siems said. "On the one hand…”

    Only 355 Days to Go… Catalyst Corporate's 40th Annual Economic Forum is in the books, but you'll want a sneak peek now at the 41st annual Economic Forum! From an expanded schedule to a new location and an all-star lineup of speakers; see what awaits October 1-4, 2018.

    ACH Contingency Service: Does your credit union need a contingency ACH provider? See how Catalyst Corporate can serve as an on-demand backup ACH processor when – in situations such as the catastrophic storms last month – a credit union is unable to retrieve ACH receipt files through its Fedline.

    October Training Opportunities: TranZact Basics for the User (Oct. 11), Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management (Oct. 17), Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (Oct 18) and ACH Rules - Audit Requirements (Oct. 25).

Catalyst Connect – October 3, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – September 26, 2017     

    Loan Participations Reach $2 Billion: Catalyst Corporate’s Loan Participation Program allows credit unions to diversify their loan portfolios, but also serves as a conduit between credit unions that need liquidity and credit unions that have excess liquidity. See what draws credit unions to this unique program.

    Survey Says...Mobile Payments are No. 1: Catalyst Corporate's technology survey was designed to better understand which technological advancements credit unions deem most important. It's no surprise that mobile payments topped the list. See the other technologies credit unions are exploring and implementing.

    Pricing Notification Available This Week: Catalyst Corporate's 2018 Service Pricing Guide will email to chief executive officers at member and client credit unions this week. The Pricing Guide includes convenient links to product and service summaries on Catalyst Corporate's website.

    Walk-Ins Welcome: Don't miss Catalyst Corporate's 40th annual Economic Forum at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas, Texas, Oct. 2-4. If you didn't get a chance to register ahead of time, walk-ins are welcome!

    Upcoming Training Opportunities: Cash Services (Sept. 27), TranZact Basics for the User (Oct. 11), Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management (Oct. 17), Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (Oct 18) and ACH Rules - Audit Requirements (Oct. 25).

Catalyst Connect – September 19, 2017     

    Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: The only two certainties in life are death and taxes, which may explain why many Americans are waiting for a peek at the upcoming tax reform plan. Register for Catalyst Corporate's Economic Forum and hear Jesse Edgerton, an economist at J.P. Morgan, share his insights on this topic as he presents, “An Economic Outlook and Real News on Tax Reform."

    Loans for Sale: Catalyst Corporate's Loan Participation Program connects credit union buyers and sellers interested in participating loans. Utilizing a secure platform, it streamlines the process for buying and selling. Participations offered through this program include pools of member auto loans, mortgages and other consumer loans. See available loans here.

    Six Years Strong! In 2011, Catalyst Corporate was founded with the goal of building a successful partnership with credit unions across the country. As we celebrate our sixth anniversary this month, see what unique elements President/CEO Kathy Garner views as "catalysts" for our actions.

    Upcoming Training and Education: CUBG National Business Services Conference (Reston, VA, Sept. 25), Cash Services (Sept. 27), TranZact Basics for the User (Oct. 11), Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management (Oct. 17), Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (Oct 18) and ACH Rules - Audit Requirements (Oct. 25).

Catalyst Connect – September 12, 2017     

    Hurry! Act Now! The early bird discount and special room rates for Catalyst Corporate's 2017 Economic Forum end today, September 12. Have you registered yet? If you need help convincing your boss, Catalyst Corporate has a memo already drafted for your use!

    Security Update: Catalyst Corporate is committed to protecting member data and ensuring the safety of its communications network. As of February 1, 2018, Catalyst Corporate will discontinue support for older Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions – TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. This action supports enhanced security, and prevention of potential vulnerabilities.

    Know Your Volatility Indexes: Volatility is commonplace in the stock markets. However, credit unions occupy a different landscape, fixed income securities, investment grade bonds, typically with durations of five years or less. One Catalyst Corporate senior investment officer explains how volatility indexes are used to navigate fixed income risk.

    September Training and Education: Evaluating Mortgage-Backed Securities & Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (Sept. 14), CUBG National Business Services Conference (Reston, VA, Sept. 25) and Cash Services (Sept. 27).

Catalyst Connect – September 5, 2017     

    Happy Anniversary, Catalyst! Six years ago this week, Catalyst Corporate was founded with a goal of forging a successful partnership with credit unions across the country. On this anniversary, Catalyst Corporate also reaffirms its commitment to stand beside its partner credit unions struggling to recover from the recent storms along the Gulf Coast.

    Spend an Evening in Italy: Attendees of Catalyst Corporate’s 40th annual Economic Forum are invited to spend an exquisite Evening in Italy, Tuesday, October 3. Participants will enjoy wine tasting, a full range of Italian cuisine, transportation by gondola and more! Register this week to qualify for the Early Bird discount.

    Same-Day ACH Phase 2: On Friday, September 15, 2017, Same-Day ACH processing will include both credits and debits, with funds available at the end of the RDFI’s processing day. Make sure your credit union is ready for this change.

    Early Warning Insights: Imagine losing $26 billion in one year. That’s the total financial loss attributed to identity theft in 2014. One Catalyst Corporate employee explains how credit unions can mitigate these types of losses with real-time fraud protection services.

    September Training Opportunities: TranZact for the Accounting Department (Sept. 6), Evaluating Mortgage-Backed Securities & Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (Sept. 14), CUBG National Business Services Conference (Reston, VA, Sept. 25) and Cash Services (Sept. 27).

Catalyst Connect – August 29, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – August 22, 2017     

    Mining the Millennial Mindset: Is your credit union engaging with the largest generation in modern history? One Catalyst Corporate employee shares her insights from Cornerstone Credit Union League's recent Young Professionals Conference in an effort to help credit union leaders across multiple generations better understand the millennial mindset.

    An Economic Forum BONUS! Catalyst Corporate Economic Forum attendees are invited to maximize learning opportunities at two early-morning bonus sessions. Led by experts from Catalyst Strategic Solutions and CU Investment Solutions, these sessions will tackle topics of interest in a changing rate environment.

    Keep Your Tokens Current: Is your ACH Online token expiring soon? To find out, view either the issue date (month and year) or expiration date (month, day and year) on the back of the token. Tokens are good for up to five years. If you need a replacement or have any questions, please email ach@catalystcorp.org.

    You’ve Got Mail: See what's new at Catalyst Corporate. The third quarter 2017 SCAN publication should arrive in your mailbox this week. If you can't wait, it's also available online.

    Upcoming Training and Education: Security Safekeeping Transition Training (Aug. 30), CECL Overview and Analytics (Aug. 31), TranZact for the Accounting Department (Sept. 6) and Evaluating Mortgage-Backed Securities & Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (Sept. 14).

Catalyst Connect – August 15, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – August 8, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – August 1, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – July 25, 2017     

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