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Catalyst Connect

Catalyst Corporate’s weekly member newsletter addresses issues of interest to credit unions and provides important updates about Catalyst Corporate services and programs. Articles from recent issues are available by clicking on the titles below.

Catalyst Connect – June 20, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – June 13, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – June 6, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – May 30, 2017     

    Strengthen Your Portfolio Management: At the CUNA CFO Council Conference last week, Catalyst Strategic Solutions’ VP of advisory service gave CFOs direction and perspective on portfolio management. Topics covered included balance sheet strategies, market and investment trends and key components of investment portfolio management.

    Member Feedback Requested: Member Loyalty Group emailed Catalyst Corporate’s Member Survey to credit unions May 16. If you have not responded to this brief survey, please check May 16 emails in your inbox OR watch for a follow-up email from MLG this Thursday, June 1. Your input is appreciated!

    Mind Your Business… Services: Is your credit union positioned to provide funding, fee-generating deposit accounts and payment services to the growing small business community? Catalyst Corporate VP of sales, Karen Coble, gives insights on ways your credit union can support, engage and advise the SEGs and small businesses in your community.

    This Quarter's Numbers: Review Catalyst Corporate's performance through the first quarter of 2017. The Q1 Progress Summary offers information about membership growth, key performance ratios and more.

    June Education Opportunities: ACH Origination (June 14), Deposit Capture Research and Accounting (June 21), ALM Series Part 1: An Orientation (June 22), Manage Rising Rates with Derivatives (June 27) and CUBG’s Commercial Real Estate Lending for Credit Unions (Plano, TX June 28-29).

Catalyst Connect – May 23, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – May 16, 2017     

    1.5 Billion and Counting: Catalyst Corporate recently surpassed $1.5 billion in loan participations since the program's inception. See how selling loans through this program has helped one credit union manage balance sheet liquidity, risk and key regulatory ratios, while keeping assets in the credit union industry.

    Where in the World…? Located just east of Romania and south of Ukraine is Moldova. Despite a recent decrease in Moldova’s poverty levels, it remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Catalyst Corporate Chief Operating Officer Brad Ganey visited credit unions in Moldova to explore ways to improve and stabilize their payments infrastructure.

    Unlock the Secrets of Business Lending: Credit unions have long gravitated toward investment real estate as a way to do business lending. The source of repayment on these loans is easy to understand and is generated primarily from rental income. However, lending to operational businesses can add diversity to a credit union's loan portfolio.

    You’ve Got Mail! Earlier today, credit unions received Catalyst Corporate’s Member Survey by email from Member Loyalty Group. Please take a moment to respond to this very brief survey on your business relationship with Catalyst Corporate and Catalyst Strategic Solutions. Your input is appreciated!

    Upcoming Training Opportunities: Funds Transfer Services (May 17), Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (May 24) and ACH Origination (June 14).

Catalyst Connect – May 9, 2017     

    Loan Participations – A Buyer’s Perspective: Many credit unions today are faced with excess deposits. See how loan participations are helping credit unions, such as Service 1st Credit Union, meet this challenge.

    Climbing the Investment Ladder: An “investment ladder” is more than just a catchy phrase, says Leah Schlangen, a Catalyst Corporate investment officer. It's an important strategy in managing a credit union's investment portfolio.

    Checking Accounts Live On! As long as checking accounts continue to play a viable role in members' lives, credit unions will need to continue processing those checks. Why not consolidate your credit union's check processing, settlement and liquidity with Catalyst Corporate?

    Heads Up: In coming days, Catalyst Corporate will conduct its annual Member Survey. Credit unions will receive a seven-question email survey from Member Loyalty Group, requesting feedback on your business relationship with Catalyst Corporate and Catalyst Strategic Solutions. Your input is valued immensely. Please take a moment to respond to this very short questionnaire.

    May Education and Training: Funds Transfer Services (May 17) and Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (May 24).

Catalyst Connect – May 2, 2017     

    How Will Members React to a Rising Rate Environment?  A lot has changed since the last rising rate cycle. How will these changes affect your members' financial behavior? Catalyst Corporate advisor, Jonathan Jackson, shares his insights in a new blog post.

    Small Business Week: April 30 - May 6 is National Small Business Week. Did you know Catalyst Corporate assists credit unions in meeting small business member needs? See how these offerings can enhance your small business services portfolio.

    Design to Mobile: A consistent user experience across all service delivery channels reduces "friction" for your members. Brad Ganey, chief operating officer of Catalyst Corporate, explains the importance of a mobile-only experience regardless, of what online device is used – smartphone, tablet, wearable or desktop.

    All Things ACH: Phase 2 of Same-Day ACH takes effect September 15, 2017. Is your credit union ready? Check out the latest issue of Catalyst Corporate's ACH Advisor for more on Catalyst Corporate’s Same-Day debit tutorial, as well as a special feature on the roles of ODFIs and Originators.

    May Training Opportunities: Funds Transfer Services (May 17) and Deposit Chek® Reports on TranZact (May 24).

Catalyst Connect – April 25, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – April 18, 2017     

    Making the Most of Mobile: If you believe mobile services and millennials are important to the future of our industry, we’ve got to do a better job of learning their language, StrategyCorps' Dave DeFazio told a credit union audience last week. How can we do better? He shared a few ideas…

    Siems Joins Forum Lineup: Federal Reserve economist and storyteller Thomas Siems joins the list of presenters at Catalyst Corporate’s 40th annual Economic Forum, set for Oct 2-4 at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas.

    Manage Interest Rate Risk with Derivatives: Hedging risk with derivatives is uncharted territory for many credit unions. Find out how they work, how to make them part of your ALM framework and what NCUA guidance says about them at an upcoming webinar.

    Training Opportunities: Corporate Checking & Positive Pay (April 19), Lessons from the World’s Mobile Experience Leaders (April 28) and CUBG’s Commercial Real Estate Lending for Credit Unions  (Portland, OR, May 2-3).

Catalyst Connect – April 11, 2017     

Catalyst Connect – April 4, 2017     

    Cut Fraud with CardNav: Card fraud remains a big concern for many credit union members. Catalyst Corporate's Card Services program protects members from fraudulent activity with CardNav – a service giving debit and ATM cardholders the ability to turn on and off their cards, set controls and receive alerts.

    Insights from Catalyst: Stress. It’s just one syllable, but it could have a disastrous effect on one’s mind, body and soul. A stressed balance sheet could be just as detrimental to a credit union and its members. See the important role liquidity stress testing plays. Check out Catalyst Corporate's new blog – Insights from Catalyst.

    ALM Services Take Center Stage: Sit back and enjoy the show! Watch Catalyst Strategic Solutions' four new videos (look for the film icon under "Resources" at the bottom of the page) to learn what your peers are saying about ALM services.

    Upcoming Education and Training: Student Loan Program Overview (April 6), TranZact Basics for the User (April 12), Corporate Checking & Positive Pay (April 19) and CUBG’s Commercial Real Estate Lending for Credit Unions  (Portland, OR, May 2-3).

Catalyst Connect – March 28, 2017     

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