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Business Services

CU Business Group


Putting together a successful business services program isn't a simple task, it's a long-term process with many stages along the way. Business lending, deposits, package services and staff training each have unique needs and require specific expertise. Quality control, risk monitoring and compliance expertise are essential for success. Where can you find this expertise and make the most of each stage, and your overall program?

Catalyst and CU Business Group. CU Business Group is a credit union service organization formed to assist credit unions with business services. Catalyst, in association with CU Business Group, now offers member credit unions business loan and deposit services. CU Business Group can help your credit union understand, manage, and capitalize on the unique risks of business services.

The technical guidance, strategic answers, and complete loan and deposit service packages CU Business Group provides are designed to build your members' bottom lines -- and yours. Read more here.

For more information about CU Business Group, visit or contact an Account Executive at 800.442.5763.



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