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Lending Rates

Line of Credit Loan Rates 12/10/2018 at 8:34 AM
Performance Settlement LOC (001) 3.25%
Standard Settlement LOC (002) 3.25%
Advantage LOC (003) 3.00%
Term Loans With Prepayment Fee* 12/10/2018 at 8:36 AM
1-7 Days 3.00%
8-14 Days 3.00%
15-21 Days 3.00%
22 Days - 1 Month 3.00%
2 Months 3.15%
3 Months 3.37%
4 Months 3.41%
5 Months 3.45%
6 Months 3.49%
1 Year and greater Call

Contact Catalyst Corporate's Member Credit Department at 800.442.5763, Option 6 for more information.

* Term Rate Details
  • These term loan rates are indicators, subject to change based on market conditions.
  • Term loan maturities range from one day to five years. Longer term maturities may be available from time-to-time.
  • Term loans can be structured to include amortization schedules, variable interest rates or prepayment alternatives to fit your individual credit union's needs.
  • Catalyst Corporate's term loan rates are based on an actual year base of 365/366 days.
  • Please note: Some other lenders use a 360 day year base which increases their stated rate by approximately 7 basis points.


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