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Service Updates

Catalyst Corporate actively gathers member credit union feedback about its service offerings. Enhancements and new services blossom from this feedback to meet member needs. For a review of recent service additions and enhancements, see below:

  • Temporary Instant Debit Cards

    April 2017

    The Temporary Instant Debit Card Service allows credit unions to instantly issue a secure non-personalized Visa or MasterCard debit card in-branch, without investing in expensive equipment or software. Each temporary card is pre-embossed with "Valued Member" and pre-encoded to match secure, system-generated PIN mailers. Branch personnel activate the temporary card, and the cardholder can begin using the PIN and card immediately to withdraw cash or make purchases. The permanent, personalized card is mailed directly to the cardholder. Once the permanent card is activated, the temporary card is deactivated. With the same functionality as the permanent card, the temporary card is ideal for new account card issuance or quick replacement of lost, stolen or compromised cards.

  • Electronic Signatures for Loan Documents

    October 2016
    Catalyst Corporate's Member Credit Department has implemented electronic signatures for loan documents. Utilizing the DocuSign platform, credit unions can efficiently set up and manage their lines of credit and borrowings. Processing applications and documents online eliminates the need to print, sign, re-scan and then email documents back to Catalyst Corporate. The process is handled automatically, resulting in faster processing of credit union requests.

  • TranzCapture Deposit Capture Service Suite

    October 2016

    The TranzCapture next-generation deposit capture platform incorporates best-of-breed technology and exceptional user functionality derived from significant credit union input. The service suite includes Branch, Teller, ATM, Mobile, Business and Interactive Teller Machine Capture applications. Image archive and access for deposit transmissions generated by other deposit capture providers is included. Key benefits include:

    -- Internet-based software that facilitates convenient installation and updates.
    --Detection of duplicate deposits across all capture channels.
    --A shared branching feature that helps properly route return items.
    --Optional real-time fraud protection across all deposit channels.

  • ACH Fraud Protection Service

    September 2016
    As payment speeds accelerate with Same-Day ACH, Catalyst Corporate's Early Warning ACH Account Validation Service provides credit unions a new level of fraud protection. Based on criteria set by the credit union, ACH transactions are compared to a shared database that reflects account status for 95 percent of daily deposit accounts nationwide. Transactions are rated according to likelihood of return, along with reasons for return. Reports are provided on TranZact by the next business morning. Quick identification of fraudulent transactions reduces the potential for fraud losses. The ACH Fraud Protection Service can be used in conjunction with or independently from Catalyst Corporate's Deposit Fraud Protection Service.

  • “What If” ALM Online (TranZact)

    July 2016

    Catalyst Strategic Solutions' "What If" ALM Online service helps credit unions perform "on the fly" ALM analysis. The results support regulatory compliance efforts and reporting requirements for management, board and ALCO meetings. Using current risk reports, ALM results generate instantly and run through a variety of simulations. The simulations gauge financial impact – without having to contact an ALM analyst. A built-in feature ensures the "What If" model generates results only if the assets and liabilities balance. Files generated may be printed and/or saved as a PDF. ALM clients may access the service in TranZact under the ALM section.

  • Vault View

    July 2016

    Vault View is a web-based cash management service that forecasts branch, ATM and vault cash with up to 95 percent accuracy. Tighter cash management practices can reduce cash inventories, eliminate cash overages and outages and lower expenses. Using historical performance data, Vault View provides:

    --Precise order and deposit guidance
    --Properly mixed denominations that can reduce cash levels by up to 30 percent
    --Cash order audit control that can reduce staff time commitment by up to 40 percent
    --Calculation of ideal armored car trip frequency that can reduce expenses.

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