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Catalyst Strategic Solutions' dynamic liquidity stress analysis tool can identify liquidity shortfalls across various stress scenarios. It's also able to project net cash flows based on a variety of factors and ensure excess liquidity does not create a drag on capital growth. Learn more below or contact a professional today.


Asset/Liability Management (ALM) Services

Catalyst Strategic Solutions' ALM Service understands that balance sheet risk management is an ever evolving challenge. Therefore, ALM Services empower credit unions, regardless of size or complexity, with actionable data. That data equips credit unions to manage their balance sheets effectively in a fluid economic environment.

Catalyst Strategic Solutions' highly experienced ALM team leverages a full range of services. The team nurtures industry relationships to stay abreast of market activity and to deliver customized solutions for clients.

The ALM Service offers two distinct ALM platforms to meet credit unions' diverse balance sheet requirements and management expectations. Both platforms are certified by an independent third party. This certification gives credit unions and their examiners confidence in the ALM models.

The ALM team works directly with credit unions to develop customized solutions that achieve results. Professional services include:

  • ALM reporting

  • ALM model validation

  • ALM model assumption review

  • Data integrity analysis

  • Non-maturity deposit analysis

  • Mortgage servicing rights analysis

  • Liquidity stress analysis

The above service offerings are further supplemented with:

  • Online "what-if" capability

  • Analysis review

  • Policy assistance

  • On-site visits

  • Fair Value reporting

Beyond traditional ALM services, Catalyst Strategic Solutions also assists in the following areas:

  • Balance sheet advisory
  • Derivative hedging
  • Bond accounting
  • Investment portfolio reporting


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