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New Brand Website Launches Today

by Catalyst Corporate | Apr 15, 2019

LogoCatalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union is starting the new year with a new look. Catalyst Corporate is unveiling a new logo – one that places an emphasis on core capabilities it provides credit unions: collaboration, aggregation, integration and innovation.

Now serving approximately 1,400 credit unions nationwide, Catalyst Corporate is transforming its brand to convey its commitment to remain relevant to its members. This is achieved – in part – through the use of modern technology, innovation and fintech partnerships that align with its mission.

“Catalyst Corporate is evolving to meet the ever changing needs of credit unions,” said Kathy Garner, CEO of Catalyst Corporate. “The new logo is a symbolic gesture that recognizes this evolution.”

In the early 2000s, Catalyst Corporate was an innovator in the use of electronic image exchange for paper checks.

More recently, Catalyst was a visionary in the creation of a web-based, real-time deposit capture suite of enhanced services, called TranzCapture.

In 2018, Catalyst Corporate partnered with leading blockchain solutions provider, Ripple, to explore new efficiencies in secure international payments. Blockchain distributed ledger payments overcome some of the challenges presented by wire transfers, such as price transparency, speed, reliability and ease of use. Catalyst Corporate’s solution, known as Currentz, will enable international funds transfers to take place in minutes, offering credit unions new opportunities to serve their members.

Looking to the future, Catalyst Corporate also recently forged a strategic partnership with Constellation Digital Partners, LLC. Constellation is creating an open development platform that will provide credit unions access to a large variety of “credit union-centric” fintech services. In the past, many credit unions have had little choice but to plug into systems that were not designed for them, as developing their own systems was cost prohibitive.

“Building on this momentum, it was time for a new brand that reflects our enhanced mission, while we remain steadfast in our traditional services and roles,” Garner said. Those “traditional services” include payment services, liquidity services, investment services and more.

Catalyst Corporate’s search for services that improve efficiency and that resolve challenges for their members is ongoing, Garner said. “And we continue to prioritize safety, soundness and exceptional member service,” she added.

In unveiling their new brand, Catalyst noted that their mission to accelerate credit union success is aided by four critical ingredients. These four foundational strengths of Catalyst – collaboration, aggregation, integration and innovation – are represented in the four components of the new logo. Together, they support the seamless integration of solutions that transform member credit union bottom lines.

“One of the biggest ways we can create value for our member-owners is by leveraging modern technology to provide services that help them remain relevant to their members,” Garner noted. “This brand transformation projects Catalyst Corporate’s role as a key source for future technology solutions.”

The new logo, previewed here, will be formally adopted at Catalyst Corporate's annual meeting on May 7.

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