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Saving is Believing

by Catalyst Corporate | Aug 06, 2019

At All In Credit Union, the old adage, “Seeing Is Believing,” is brushing up against a new adage, “Saving Is Believing.”

While branch staff at the $1.3 billion credit union heard stories from members about the savings they experienced when they used the credit union’s new mobile rewards program, the reality struck Lisa Hales, Senior Vice President of Member Experience at All In CU, when she was in a tire store.

“I was able to save $25 on a set of tires,” Hales said. “When I presented (the Bazing app) at the store, the person waiting on me said, ‘Oh is that the BaZing thing? That’s cool!’”

Hales said she was “impressed they knew what it was and didn’t have to call someone or argue with me.”

The saving experience that Hales encountered is what many of the 118,000 All In CU members are able to experience now that BaZing has been added to the credit union’s checking program.  

With BaZing, credit union members can receive modern benefits that impact their everyday lives, delivered right on their phone. With BaZing, members have access to more than 400,000 national, local and online discounts on dining, shopping, entertainment and travel, as well as cell phone replacement protection, personal identity theft protection, healthcare discounts and 24-hour roadside assistance.

While Hales is happy with the product, she was even more delighted with the “phenomenal” support her credit union received during the implementation and launch of the program. “It was one of the most organized projects I have been involved in over my last 30 years,” Hales said.

Catalyst Corporate has teamed up with StrategyCorps to provide BaZing to credit unions. And representatives from both organizations worked closely with the Daleville, Alabama-based credit union during the implementation and launch, Hales said. “The support team had a calendar, scheduled weekly calls and kept us on track. The support team was fabulous.”

Hales said the credit union actually launched the program twice.  

“We were in the middle of a core conversion when we wanted to launch BaZing,” Hales said.  So, initially, the credit union did a soft roll-out, offering BaZing only when members opened new checking accounts. At the same time, staff at All In CU were given access to the BaZing app so they could explore its offerings and understand the value it provides. “They could try it and talk to members about it,” Hales said.  

After the conversion, the credit union began the process of moving members from a no-cost checking program to a fee-based, but value-added, program. “We are now providing a checking product that adds true value for the member,” Hales said.

Credit unions – like All In Credit Union – benefit from analytical support when adopting BaZing, said Karen Coble, Vice President of Sales at Catalyst Corporate. Existing checking account structures are evaluated and segmented, and account relationships are ranked so that credit unions can structure checking accounts with appropriate levels of benefits. And then a “report card,” created after a year of activity, measures the program’s success and points out where adjustments can be made.