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Introducing SimpliCD DTC Issuance for Greater Liquidity Needs

by Catalyst Corporate | Sep 03, 2019

Does your credit union need liquidity? If so, raising nonmember deposits through SimpliCD may be a solution worth exploring! Catalyst Corporate’s Brokerage Services now offers a new opportunity for credit unions needing liquidity – the SimpliCD DTC Issuance option.

SimpliCD is a brokered certificate program that taps into the insured CD market through a partnership with Primary Financial Co LLC. You may already be familiar with SimpliCD’s custodial program, which provides access to 3,500 credit union investors. With the new SimpliCD DTC Issuance option, credit unions needing more than what can be provided with the 3,500 credit union investors can take their issuance to the DTC market.

What does this mean?

Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Depository Trust Company is one of the world’s largest securities depositories and offers a much larger audience of public funds and potentially all U.S. credit unions. The large pool of institutional and individual investors in the DTC market make it a great option for low income designated credit unions looking to bring in large deposits.

What are the benefits of SimpliCD DTC Issuance?

  • Raise liquidity quickly and easily by issuing certificates through the SimpliCD DTC Issuance program.
  • Issue DTC certificates with SimpliCD to reach more public funds investors and potentially all U.S. credit unions.
  • Federally chartered, and many state-chartered, credit unions with the low income designation have flexibility beyond non-member deposits from credit unions and public funds. SimpliCD DTC can greatly increase the credit union’s investor audience.

Catalyst Corporate’s Brokerage Services now offers added flexibility for greater liquidity needs with SimpliCD DTC. So, whether you choose the advantages of the custodial program, such as settlement through your account at Catalyst Corporate, or the expanded flexibility available through the DTC market, SimpliCD offers a viable alternative.  

How can you get started?

For more information on SimpliCD DTC Issuance, contact Catalyst Corporate’s Brokerage Services team