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ACH Network Volume Reaches Record Growth

by Catalyst Corporate | Oct 22, 2019
Nacha recently released its third quarter 2019 results and the ACH Network is not only thriving, but soaring to new heights. Together, ACH Network payment volume and Same Day ACH payment volume increased 9.5 percent compared to this time last year. The 6.2 billion ACH payments were valued at $14.1 trillion, an 11 percent increase from 2018.

Same Day ACH volume has been climbing since July, when it reached a new milestone of one million payments daily. And, the trend has continued into Q3 with a 54 percent increase over last year’s 43.2 million.

According to Nacha, business-to-business (B2B) ACH payments have also continued to be “one of the most impressive growth areas for the ACH Network.” There have been 2.94 billion ACH B2B payments made so far this year, an 11.8 percent increase valuing at $27.9 trillion.

What does this growth in volume tell us? ACH payments continue to surge ahead, affirming this payment channel’s continued popularity with both consumers and businesses in the current payment landscape. Factors such as convenience, affordability, security, ease of use and reliability make ACH a solid payment option.

Catalyst Corporate’s ACH Origination service offers credit unions a simple and economical way to collect member loan payments from other financial institutions, send payments on behalf of members, pay vendors, originate direct deposit of payroll, and offer origination services to select employee groups (SEGs) and business members.

The web-based ACH Origination system is user-friendly, yet powerful, to ensure efficiency. Developed by ACI Worldwide, Catalyst Corporate’s ACH system provides credit unions secure database management that stores information for recurring transactions. with a scheduling feature that generates files automatically.

With Catalyst Corporate’s ACH Origination service, accredited ACH Professionals provide implementation, training and ongoing support for credit union staff. Webinar courses are also offered throughout the year to help equip credit union team members with the information required to manage all things ACH.

Credit unions choose Catalyst Corporate ACH services to consolidate ACH origination, file receipt and settlement with a single provider. For more information on Catalyst Corporate’s ACH services, contact us today.