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Timely Funding at a Reasonable Cost

by Catalyst Corporate | Oct 29, 2019

Do you need additional funding to meet temporary or seasonal loan demand or cash requirements? Are you looking for a funding source to round out an effective liquidity management program? If so, Catalyst Corporate may have a solution for your term funding needs.

For a limited time, Catalyst Corporate is offering qualified borrowing credit unions attractive term loan financing. An aggregated loan total of up to $100 million is currently available with the following terms:





3 years


40 over


5 years


50 over


7 years


55 over

$3 million

10 years


60 over

$3 million

*10/29/19. Rates are refreshed daily. Call for current rates.

In addition to attractive rates and terms, Catalyst Corporate term loans have flexible collateral requirements and carry no fees. 

A term loan from Catalyst Corporate can enhance your liquidity position, allowing you to respond to member loan demand and meet other longer-term funding needs. It can also provide a backstop for large unanticipated deposit withdrawals that might arise.

Let Catalyst Corporate help you achieve your liquidity funding goals. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact Catalyst Corporate’s Member Credit Department today.