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2019 ALM Survey: Analysts Earn High Marks for Responsiveness

by Catalyst Corporate | Dec 31, 2019

When it comes to your credit union’s balance sheet management needs, they’re as unique and diverse as your membership. That’s why Catalyst Strategic Solutions surveys its Asset/Liability Management Service clients every year, to ensure ALM products and services meet expectations.

The 2019 survey was sent to 286 credit union contacts in November. Catalyst Strategic Solutions received a total of 84 responses for a response rate of 32 percent. The survey respondents represent credit unions of all sizes, with the vast majority (82 percent) reporting the use of ALM reports for more than two years.

To recap, Catalyst Strategic Solutions uses a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to evaluate member survey responses. NPS is calculated by subtracting the total weight of the lowest six ratings from the two highest ratings categories. This approach is designed to convey the percent of respondents who are not just highly satisfied, but who would be most likely to go out of their way to recommend CSS to their peers.

2019 Survey Results

With any score over 50 considered excellent, clients gave ALM Services a strong overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65.5  a three-point increase from 2018. Based on a five-point scale, clients gave the ALM Service an overall rating of 4.5 for 2019. Individual aspects of service were also rated on a five-point scale, and analysts were especially rated high in the area of responsiveness. Results indicate the following averages:

  • ALM report quality – 4.4
  • ALM report useful to planning – 4.3
  • Analyst knowledge – 4.5
  • Analyst responsiveness – 4.6
  • Responsiveness to regulatory changes – 4.6
  • ALM report easy to understand – 4.4
  • ALM report meets exam needs – 4.5
  • Data submission/report delivery – 4.5

Catalyst Strategic Solutions' ALM Service empowers credit unions, regardless of size or complexity, with actionable data to effectively manage their balance sheet risk. Using a full range of services and two third-party certified ALM platforms, the experienced ALM team works directly with credit unions to develop customized solutions that achieve results.