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New Features Coming Soon to TranzCapture

by Catalyst Corporate | Feb 11, 2020

One of the benefits of Catalyst Corporate’s credit union-owned TranzCapture deposit platform is the ability to make timely, ongoing enhancements. These enhancements are the direct result of credit union requests for additional convenience and efficiency. In fact, over the past two years, Catalyst Corporate has implemented nine such service enhancements.

Coming soon, TranzCapture users will see significantly expanded functionality within the “Pending Approvals” queue across all deposit channels.

Here’s a preview of the new features headed your way…

  • Dashboard View of Pending Approval Items
    A new dashboard will display the number of items pending review by each deposit channel. It will also display totals for all items pending review by the number of batches on hold, dollar amount and number of items.
  • Improved Search and Filtering Capabilities
    Credit unions will be able to search using the following options: Product, Location ID, Batch ID, Depositor Account Number and Amount. Choose the desired search criteria and click the Search button to display the requested items. If no search criteria are selected, all items (up to 100) will display in the list view. Simply select an item from the list to view that item image. (Please note that – unlike the current process – no review items will appear on the screen until search criteria are selected and the Search button is clicked.)
  • Approval of Multiple Items at the Same Time
    Credit unions will have the ability to approve multiple items at the same time. Simply select the desired items and click the Approve/Acknowledge Selected button. In addition, new functionality will allow multiple users to be working different groups of items at the same time in the queue.

TranzCapture users can watch for details and the release date for these enhancements in the notification banner at the top of the screens in TranzCapture.

TranzCapture is a robust, state-of-the-art check processing solution designed to meet the needs of credit unions and their members. Jointly owned by Catalyst Corporate and two other corporate credit unions, TranzCapture share draft and deposit processing is currently performed for nearly 2,200 credit unions across the country. 

Packed with back-office efficiencies to streamline credit union operations and boost member service, the share draft service consolidates in-clearing and serves as a single source for processing, settlement and liquidity. The web-based deposit service – which includes Branch, Teller, ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk, Mobile and Business Capture – features real-time duplicate item detection, real-time fraud protection, shared branching returns routed to the correct credit union, flexible deposit review settings, MICR correction handled by Catalyst Corporate and more.