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Members Give Catalyst Corporate High NPS Rating

by Catalyst Corporate | Sep 08, 2020

One-hundred-eighty-seven credit union executives responded to a recent Member Satisfaction Survey that produced an 85.6 NPS score for Catalyst Corporate.  

“We are pleased to receive such a high level of recommendation and we appreciate the great bond we have with our member credit unions,” said Greg Moore, Catalyst Corporate Executive Vice President of Member Relations. “We believe this high NPS score is a strong indication that Catalyst Corporate continues to meet the needs of its members.” (As a reminder, when it comes to the Net promoter Score process, any score over 50 is considered excellent.)

“Throughout the year, members tell us they are pleased with the service they receive from their corporate credit union – not just when they are asked during the annual Member Satisfaction Survey,” Moore said.

Encouraging comments come from credit union leaders like Ron Perry, President and Chief Executive Officer of the $220 million Mobility Credit Union. “We find Catalyst Corporate extremely responsive. Whenever we have a question or send an email, they get back with us right away. If they don't have an immediate answer, then they research it and follow up quickly.”

That is a sentiment echoed by Bert Beal, President and Chief Executive Officer of the $129 million, Dallas-based GO Federal Credit Union. “Catalyst Corporate has always been really responsive. The level of expertise within Catalyst has been top-notch for us.”

Beal added: “Technology is one of the biggest challenges we face in leading our members. Our members are savvy and want cutting-edge technology, and they look to us to provide that. We, in turn, look to Catalyst to help us meet that need.”

Diane Gerstner, Executive Operating Officer of the $890 million InTouch Credit Union, pointed out that when their credit union decided to transition to intelligent kiosks, “We learned there were more moving parts than we had initially anticipated.”

“[Catalyst] was very visionary in their approach,” Gerstner said. “Through all the various brainstorming sessions, we actually came up with a more streamlined approach. And in addition to being much more streamlined, Catalyst had a more cost-effective method to roll out that solution for us.”     

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