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CEO Bruce Fox Updates Membership on Corporate’s Pursuits

by Catalyst Corporate | Jan 04, 2021

The chief executive of a leading management consultancy recently likened the COVID-19 pandemic to tripping a circuit breaker that subsequently required a reset. In March 2020, Catalyst Corporate – like many credit unions – hit the reset switch. Although the past 12 months unfolded much differently than expected, Catalyst Corporate remained focused on its strategic plan and delivered strong results for its membership, according to President/CEO Bruce Fox.

In a new video that recaps Catalyst Corporate’s key activities in 2020 and plans for 2021, Fox said Catalyst Corporate ended the year on solid financial footing, received positive affirmation of member satisfaction and accomplished several major initiatives during the year.

Among those initiatives was the purchase of electronic payments provider Aptys Solutions and the transition of 600 credit unions onto its modern ACH platform, called ACHOne. Fox also highlighted Catalyst’s launch of a secondary capital program.

Notable for 2021, Fox said, will be Catalyst Corporate’s rollout of a new person-to-person (P2P) mobile payments solution, the move to a new, expanded card services program and implementation of an online CECL solution.

First and foremost, “Catalyst will continue to monitor the economy and make necessary adjustments to achieve financial performance goals,” Fox said. “We’ll also work to enhance digital experiences for members and continue to encourage innovation within our Catalyst team.”

The five-minute video also includes dates for Catalyst Corporate’s 2021 Annual Meeting and its Economic & Payments Forum. Find out more by viewing the Member Update here.