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Contingency Communications Exercise This Week

by Catalyst Corporate | Jun 07, 2021

Emergency situations and unforeseen events – like the COVID-19 pandemic – can happen at any time. Now more than ever, we’re reminded of the importance of proper contingency communications planning.  

To ensure your credit union receives critical communications in the event of a broad system disruption, Catalyst Corporate will perform its semiannual Contingency Communications Exercise on Wednesday, June 9 at 10 a.m. Central Time.

Every credit union should have at least two contingency communications contacts listed in TranZact. TranZact administrators can add or update contingency contact information prior to the exercise by navigating to "Settings/Email Notifications/Manage" in TranZact.

All contingency communications contacts – as designated by your credit union – will receive an email from Catalyst Corporate on June 9. Contacts are asked to reply to the email, noting the time the email was received and whether the contact information is still valid.

Please note: Contingency communications contacts differ from Catalyst Corporate’s Service Alert Message (SAM) contacts. SAM is used to notify credit unions of product-specific service disruptions, such as file availability, rather than broader system issues. Please confirm that your credit union's SAM contacts are also current in TranZact.

Credit unions are strongly encouraged to participate in this exercise every six months, annually at a minimum. For more information, see Catalyst Corporate’s Contingency Communications Guidelines.