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All-In-One Remote Deposit Management Responds to CU & Member Need for Convenience

by Catalyst Corporate | Jun 29, 2021

Nowadays, multiple deposit channels matter. So does member and back-office convenience. How can both be achieved in such a complex and evolving financial services environment? The answer lies in consolidated remote deposit capture.

According to the latest research, consumers are looking for additional deposit options – especially over the last 12 months. It’s no secret, the pandemic pushed consumers toward digitally driven, contactless services, like Mobile Capture.

In fact, nearly half of mobile banking users have deposited a check with their mobile device in the past year and 50 percent of those users do so at least once a month.

As recently reported, ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture usage has also made a rise, with the latest data showing a 10 percent increase in cash dispensed over June of last year.

The good news? You can offer multiple remote deposit capture services and increase member convenience, without sacrificing back-office efficiencies.

Consolidate your credit union's deposit capture processing, clearing, collection and settlement services with TranzCapture, Catalyst Corporate’s state-of-the-art suite of remote deposit solutions. The TranzCapture suite offers:

Mobile Capture: Deposit checks with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device

ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture: Facilitate member deposits at image-enabled ATMs, interactive teller machine video terminals and intelligent kiosks

Teller Capture:  Capture and transmit check images in real-time at each teller window to reduce fraud, detect duplicates and resolve potential errors while members are present

Business Capture: Enable business account holders to transmit deposits directly from their place of business at their convenience throughout the day

Branch Capture: Scan and transmit check images from centrally based, shared workstations within each branch

With TranzCapture, credit unions enjoy:

  • Single sign-on administration though the TranZact™ portal for all capture solutions
  • Real-time detection of duplicate items across all Catalyst Corporate deposit channels
  • Exception item review queue to help credit unions mitigate risk
  • Optional real-time Early Warning’s Deposit Chek® Service fraud protection
  • …and more

As a credit union-owned solution, TranzCapture caters specifically to the needs and wants of credit unions in product design, enhancements and pricing. To receive more information or see a demonstration of how Catalyst Corporate’s TranzCapture Remote Deposit Suite can work for you, contact us today.

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