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Adding Teller Capture Adds Productivity to Credit Unions

by Catalyst Corporate | Jul 20, 2021

According to the research firm IBIS World, more than 320,000 people are employed by credit unions across the country. And here’s a two-word solution to help that large and diverse workforce become even more productive: Teller Capture.

With Catalyst Corporate’s Teller Capture, front-line tellers and other back-office staff can scan deposit items as they are received throughout the day. This helps reduce batch sizes which makes balancing easier and minimizes the potential for adjustments. That translates into less overtime at the end of the day.

A scanner and software captures the MICR and CAR/LAR data in most cases, requiring fewer keystrokes and less teller involvement to complete the deposit. As the software performs much of the work, the teller has more time to be “heads-up” with the member. Routing number and account number can also be verified while the member is with the teller.

Becoming more productive doesn’t have to exclude risk mitigation. With two optional and complimentary deposit fraud services that are integrated with Teller Capture, credit unions can detect problem checks in real-time and reduce exposure to potential losses. And as a part of the TranzCaptureservice suite, Teller Capture is packed with optimal deposit capture functionality and a wide array of other features to maximize efficiencies, including:

  • Timesaving, virtually endorsed checks to expedite the member transaction
  • Convenient, consolidated single sign-on access via TranZact
  • Ability to associate depositing member’s account number with deposits to expedite research
  • Shared branching returns routed to the proper credit union
  • Quick and easy remote implementation with internet-based software

Explore newfound productivity with Catalyst Corporate’s Teller Capture or contact us today for more information.