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Explore the Versatility of Loan Participations

by Catalyst Corporate | May 09, 2022

Credit unions often need a means of managing loan growth and accessing additional lines of liquidity. They may need tools to help manage balance sheet concentrations and to balance credit risk. To accomplish this, credit unions turn to Catalyst Corporate, which has been serving the loan participation market for years. 

Experience for all sizes

Catalyst has facilitated billions of dollars in loan participation sales to hundreds of credit union buyers. The asset sizes have ranged from less than $100 million to more than $10 billion from various credit unions across the country. According to data collected, sales pools have ranged from $2 million to more than $150 million.

Credit union ownership

A key value of Catalyst Corporate’s Loan Participation program resides in its credit union ownership and operation – that means the solution keeps 100% of the funds within the industry.

The convenience factor

Catalyst Corporate’s Loan Participation Team works closely with credit unions throughout the sales process. Partnering with Catalyst provides a convenience for sellers, because we are a single point of contact handling inquiries from buyers and coordinating communications between parties. This dedicated contact minimizes burden on the seller and streamlines the sales process. The loan participation team also assists, as needed, with the monthly remittance process, reducing many of the time-consuming back-office responsibilities after the sale. While simplifying the process, Catalyst continues to offer the same personal touch in structuring and pricing loan pools that represents the needs and goals of each seller.

Regardless of your strategic goals, loan participations provide a critical tool for credit unions as they respond to member demand and the ever-changing economic environment.

Catalyst’s commitment to helping credit unions navigate the loan participation market is evident through its online platform, called Loan Participation Exchange (or LPX). LPX was designed to assist credit unions with executing reliable, open, fast sales transactions in a safe, secure and transparent marketplace.

Whether you’re simply exploring options or you’re ready to execute a loan participation, Catalyst Corporate is ready to assist you with decades of experience, a cooperative approach, and a nationwide network of buyers. Contact us today to start the process. Let us show you a top-tier, online solution that offers the same value and attention you offer your members.