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Tame Inflation this Holiday Season with BaZing

by Catalyst Corporate | Nov 14, 2022

“The most wonderful time of the year” is around the corner, and shoppers are preparing to shell out hard-earned income on the perfect gifts. Consumers’ desire to snag presents off the shelves before prices rise is the reason 37% of U.S. shoppers plan to start purchasing gifts earlier this year, according to Salesforce, a leading software service provider. With inflation at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, retailers may opt to use early promotions to accelerate holiday sales.

One way credit unions can help their members save money this year is through Catalyst Corporate’s BaZing rewards checking program. Now, members save on their holiday shopping, while also engaging more deeply with your institution. BaZing provides members with a host of on-demand benefits, including discounts on online shopping, personal identity theft aid, dining options and more!

Credit unions gain the following benefits from BaZing:

  • Drive member loyalty and deliver enhanced service experiences
  • Increase total deposits
  • Differentiate their checking account program from competitor offerings with unique benefits
  • Establish credit union ownership of the checking account relationship
  • …and more!

Whether using it on-the-go with the BaZing mobile app or via a desktop computer,BaZing Mobile App members can benefit from more than 400,000 immediate discounts from local and name brand retailers. That means members can avoid “financial frostbite” this holiday season by mapping out a spending plan to take advantage of upcoming holiday sales.

The BaZing mobile app allows you to watch savings accumulate while using the app to ensure you stay on track with your holiday spending plan. Members work hard to save money for the holidays and BaZing helps them make the most of it through deals and discounts for local and online stores, recreation and travel year-round.

When out and about, members can opt to receive notifications of nearby savings right on their mobile device. Score your best deal by showing retailers BaZing mobile app coupons right from your phone during checkout.

Help members combat inflation this holiday season with added savings through the BaZing Rewards Checking Program from Catalyst Corporate. For more information, contact us today.