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Get Robust Reporting from Catalyst Corporate’s Image Deposit Return Service

by Sandi Altman | Jul 24, 2018

Catalyst Corporate’s Image Deposit Return Service provides credit unions convenient and timely access to deposit returns, with comprehensive reporting.

The service provides credit unions an electronic file of chargebacks with links to check images, which are archived online for seven years. Credit unions receive email notification when reports are available. The service offers the option of redepositing items returned for insufficient funds. Automated settlement occurs through the credit union's Catalyst Corporate account.

Online deposit return reports include:

  • Chargeback and re-deposited items with MICR line, return reason and links to check images
  • Notification of Large Dollar Returns Report (from EARNS)
  • Deposit/return timeline that reflects each deposit return and number of days since the deposit was made
  • Catalyst Corporate member-to-member returns
  • Check maker and payee information, if desired

See a quick comparison of Catalyst Corporate’s service with the Federal Reserve’s offering. For more information on Image Deposit Returns, email or call 800.442.5763.