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  • Catalyst Connect - September 17, 2019

    The Recipe for a Successful Forum? Economics, Payments & a Dash of Creativity: 
    The 2019 Economic & Payments Forum is set to kick off later this month with 3-1/2 days of economic insights, balance sheet strategies and payments industry trends. But this year’s event is also infused with a side of creativity and fun! Find out more about our featured guests, Graphic Illustrator/Professional Doodler Angie Moline & the 60 Second Novelist Dan Hurley.

    How to Position Your Balance Sheet for the Future Without a Crystal Ball: We’re in the midst of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, yet the dreaded “R word” has forced its way into the conversation. Whether or not a recession is imminent, one thing is certain; it's always better to be prepared. Catalyst Strategic Solutions Senior Advisor Mark Wert discusses how to position your balance sheet for the next economic cycle. 

    Identifying Cybersecurity Threats & the Monetary Impact of an Attack: Catalyst Corporate Chief Risk Officer Brent Smith examines the potential impacts of a cyberattack in Part 2 of his "Cybersecurity Risk" blog series. Check it out!

    Upcoming Events and Training: Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact User Setup & CU Settings (September 18), CUBG's National Business Services Conference (September 23-25, Savannah, GA), TranzCapture Settings and Reports (September 25), Economic & Payments Forum (September 30-October 3), TranZact for the Accounting Department (October 2) and Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact Updates & Tips (October 9). 

  • Catalyst Connect - September 10, 2019

    Forum Early Bird Deadline Today, More Hotel Options Added: You know the old adage, "The early bird gets the worm"? Well, in this case, the early bird gets unbeatable pricing! Early bird registration for the 2019 Economic & Payments Forum closes TODAY! Don't miss out, sign up now! Please note that new hotel options are now available, too. Get the details here.

    How Well Do You 'Know' Your Deposits? There's no guarantee that non-term deposits will remain at your credit union. Knowing the demographics of your depositors and how they manage their deposits is a key factor in successfully managing your balance sheet. Catalyst Strategic Solutions Director of ALM Services Aaron Martini discusses deposit behavior analysis in this quick video.

    'Young Professionals' Test Drive This Year's Forum: Catalyst Corporate is pleased to announce that Chelsea Gstohl (Pelican State CU) and Lucas Pequeno (Caprock FCU) will represent "young professionals" at the 2019 Economic & Payments Forum. Learn more about these up-and-coming leaders and the fresh perspectives they'll bring to Frisco, Texas later this month!

    Upcoming Events and Training: Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact User Setup & CU Settings (September 18), CUBG's National Business Services Conference (September 23-25, Savannah, GA), TranzCapture Settings and Reports (September 25), Economic & Payments Forum (September 30-October 3), TranZact for the Accounting Department (October 2) and Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact Updates & Tips (October 9).


  • Catalyst Connect - September 3, 2019

    Two Perspectives, One End Goal: Faster Payments. Faster payments is a rapidly evolving, popular topic of discussion. The most recent development is the Federal Reserve Banks’ plan to develop a new real-time payment and settlement service, called FedNow℠. How is the industry responding? Nacha President and CEO, Jane Larimer and U.S. Faster Payments Council Executive Director Kim Ford share their insights

    Introducing SimpliCD DTC for Greater Liquidity Needs: Does your credit union need liquidity? If so, raising nonmember deposits through SimpliCD may be a solution worth exploring! Catalyst Corporate’s Brokerage Services now offers a new opportunity for credit unions needing liquidity in amounts greater than $200 million – the SimpliCD DTC option.

    We Speak Your Language: More than 1,400 new words were added to the dictionary recently. This ever-changing vocabulary is a good reason to partner with someone who “speaks credit union,” like a Catalyst Strategic Solutions knowhowologist.

    Forum Early Bird Registration Closes Next Week: Early bird registration for Catalyst Corporate's 2019 Economic & Payments Forum is set to close next Tuesday, September 10. Register for an "out-of-this-world" experience at a reduced price today! 

    Upcoming Events and Training: Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact User Setup & CU Settings (September 18), CUBG's National Business Services Conference (September 23-25, Savannah, GA), TranzCapture Settings and Reports (September 25), Economic & Payments Forum (September 30-October 3) and TranZact for the Accounting Department (October 2). 

  • Catalyst Connect - August 27, 2019

    Strong Household Activity May 'Push Recession Concerns Down the Road': Despite talk of a looming recession, many economists now say the next economic downturn may occur later rather than sooner. As a preview to his presentation at this year's Forum, NAFCU Chief Economist Curt Long shares his thoughts on the current and future state of the economy. Find out why he says a recession may have to wait.  

    Why Pay a Premium for a Bond? Many credit union investment managers can't justify purchasing a bond for more than its principal amount, believing that buying a bond at its original price or at a discount is always the best “deal.” However, bonds bought at a premium can actually help reduce volatility, generate greater cash flow and even provide higher yields. Catalyst Corporate Senior Investment Officer Al Schiliro explores the benefits of premium bonds in this week's blog post

    August 2019 ACH Advisor Now Available: A number of rule changes are coming down the pike. Find out more in Catalyst Corporate's latest ACH Advisor. This email, along with Catalyst Corporate's ACH Central website, is dedicated toward ACH operations staff. Do you know someone who might benefit? Sign up for ACH Advisor here or access it online under LearningCenter/ACH Central/Updates.

    September 2, 2019 Marks 125th Anniversary of Labor Day! 
    The very first Labor Day celebration took place in New York City on September 5, 1882. In honor of this national holiday, Catalyst Corporate will be closed on Monday, September 2. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day!

    Upcoming Events and Training: Deposit Chek® Practical Application (August 28), Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact User Setup & CU Settings (September 18), CUBG's National Business Services Conference (September 23-25, Savannah, GA) and TranzCapture Settings & Reports (September 25). 

  • Catalyst Connect - August 20, 2019

    Earn up to 20 CPE Credits at Forum! Join Catalyst Corporate for the 42nd annual Economic & Payments Forum, September 30-October 3, at the Omni Hotel in Frisco, Texas. Located adjacent to the new Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, the backdrop for this year’s event is just one of the many exciting components we have in store for you! Experience football fandom at its finest, soak up valuable industry insights and earn up to 20 CPE credits at ONE event! Find out how you can get more from this year's Forum. 

    Is Secondary Capital a Good Fit for Your Balance Sheet? If your credit union is unable to take advantage of lending opportunities because of capital constraints, you may want to consider secondary capital. Catalyst Strategic Solutions Vice President of Advisory Services Steven Houle shared the ins and outs of secondary capital during his presentation at the recent Financial Strategy Symposium. Check out his key takeaways

    The Latest Editions of SCAN & Progress Summary Now Available: In this latest issue of SCAN, Catalyst Corporate tackles loan participation hurdles, and provides a first-hand look at BaZing savings in action, among other topics. Your publication should arrive in the mail soon! But don't forget, a digital version can also be found on our website, under Communications/Newsletters/SCAN

    Additionally, Catalyst Corporate's Second Quarter Progress Summary is now available. This concise, quarterly report provides a snapshot of year to date performance and offers information about membership growth and key performance ratios. It may also serve as a helpful resource when sharing the latest information with your credit union board of directors and other volunteers. 

    Upcoming Events and Training: 
    Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact ACH Item Search & Returns (August 21), Deposit Chek® Practical Application (August 28), Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact User Setup & CU Settings (September 18) and CUBG's National Business Services Conference (September 23-25, Savannah, GA).