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Behind the Numbers

  • Behind the Numbers - Apr 19, 2019

    The Tide is Turning - As we say in the South, if you do not like the weather, wait an hour or two and it will probably change. The same can be said for the bond market. For those who were unhappy with the plummet yields took last month, not to worry. The tide has turned...
  • Behind the Numbers - Apr 12, 2019

    Big Data Meets Price Changes - The new age of data collecting is finally making its way into government reports. The big story leading up to this week’s consumer price index (CPI) report was the use of a new methodology for collecting data. Data will be fed directly from a company, in this case an...
  • Behind the Numbers - Apr 5, 2019

    The Job Market Remains Strong - It is time to agree the dismal job growth in February was an anomaly and not a sign of a failing job market. The Labor Department’s monthly job report revised February’s job gains up to 33,000 and, more importantly, tallied March job growth at 196,000. The three...
  • Behind the Numbers - Mar 29, 2019

    The 'R' Word is Flashing Red - The “end is near” mindset that began last week took a turn for the worse this week. The threat of a global recession took hold of the financial markets and pushed the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield to the lowest level since December 2017. The fed funds futures...
  • Behind the Numbers - Mar 22, 2019

    Be Careful What You Ask For - Has anyone recovered from Wednesday’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announcement? I, for one, am still shocked and a bit annoyed at the Fed for being so open with its thoughts. The financial markets were hoping to gain clarity about future interest moves...

Catalyst Connect

  • Catalyst Connect - April 16, 2019

    April 15: Tax Day…and a Newly Branded Website: Unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts, Tax Day 2019 has come and gone. And now, you may be planning your next island vacation or contemplating a second mortgage. Either way, April 15 was significant at Catalyst Corporate for another reason – it brought the launch of a newly branded website.

    Marketing Expert Sheds Light on Economic Impact of Demographic Trends: How can credit unions better serve millennials, women business owners and their entire membership as a whole? Kelly McDonald, three-time bestselling author, professional speaker and owner of McDonald Marketing, will share her thoughts on the economic impact of demographic trends at Catalyst Corporate’s 2019 Economic & Payments Forum.

    Business Owners Get More Convenience with New Business Capture Features: Credit unions looking to expand relationships with business members often consider deposit services a logical follow-up to member business lending. And Catalyst Corporate’s investment in ongoing enhancements for its TranzCapture deposit services makes its Business Capture service an ideal choice.

    Upcoming Events and Training: Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact Image Search (April 17), Deposit Chek Practical Application (April 24), Corporate Checking & Positive Pay (May 1), TranzCapture Settings & Reports (May 8) and Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact Reports
    (May 15).
  • Catalyst Connect - April 9, 2019

    A Closer Look at the Faster Payments Initiative: “Faster Payments” – it’s a term that has echoed throughout the financial industry at record-breaking speed and has quickly become recognized as one of the most prominent, up-and-coming payment trends in recent history. But what does it really mean? And how will it impact credit unions?

    What to Consider when Selecting Liquidity Management Solutions: With total loans/shares on the rise and interest rates uncertain, liquidity management can be challenging. Squaring away funding sources and stress testing your credit union's liquidity are two essential components of effective liquidity risk management.

    Annual Meeting Reminder: Join Catalyst Corporate for its 2018 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 7 at 10 a.m. CT. Hear reports on the corporate’s 2018 performance, and learn more about the strategic initiatives set for 2019. Elections also will be held to fill expiring terms on Catalyst Corporate’s board of directors. Attend in-person, or register for the live video broadcast.

    Upcoming Events and Training: Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact Updates & Tips (April 10), Quick Tip Webinar: TranZact Image Search (April 17), Deposit Chek Practical Application (April 24) and Corporate Checking & Positive Pay (May 1).