Pandemic Resource Center

This section of Catalyst Corporate's website is currently inactive. For Pandemic help or resources, please contact the Disaster Recovery Team.

Cash Surplus

If your credit union is currently experiencing a surplus in liquidity, Catalyst Corporate has options to help. Talk to a broker, invest in a CD or contact an advisor. Here's more information to get you started:

  • Brokerage Services – Through Catalyst Corporate's partnerships with CU Investment Solutions, LLC, and Primary Financial Company, LLC, credit unions have access to a broad range of brokerage services, including buying and selling bonds and certificates of deposit. Catalyst Corporate investment officers are registered representatives for CU Investment Solutions and are trained in credit union regulations.
  • SimpliCD Program – SimpliCD is a brokered certificate program that taps into the insured CD market through a partnership with Primary Financial Company, LLC. Whether purchasing certificates of deposit as investments or issuing them to build liquidity, credit unions benefit from the economies of scale offered by SimpliCD's large network of credit unions and from the elimination of many of the responsibilities that attend management of individual CD accounts.
  • Advisory Service – Catalyst Strategic Solutions’ Advisory Service is an SEC-registered investment advisor that provides comprehensive balance sheet management services. Experienced industry professionals provide custom balance sheet solutions and integrated ALM guidance. The Advisory team helps credit unions achieve their strategic objectives by creating tactical plans. These plans address long-term liquidity, earnings and risk management.