Pandemic Resource Center

This section of Catalyst Corporate's website is currently inactive. For Pandemic help or resources, please contact the Disaster Recovery Team.

Self-Service technology

Catalyst Corporate's self-service technologies to facilitate member deposits 24/7:

  • Mobile Capture –  Immediate check deposit for members and small business owners that embrace tech-driven convenience. Mobile Capture enables members to use smartphones to securely forward check images for deposit, with enterprise-wide duplicate detection across all Catalyst Corporate remote deposit presentment mediums. Integrated with 17 mobile banking vendors, Catalyst’s mobile capture facilitates single or multiple check deposits for consumers and business members. For the credit union, there is built-in risk mitigation, optional fraud prevention, item correction performed by Catalyst, robust reporting with interactive web-based training and support by Catalyst Corporate staff.
  • Business Capture –  Offer business members the efficiency and cost savings of in-house, on-site remote deposit. Your business members can minimize the number of trips made to the credit union, reduce deposit preparation errors, and increase productivity. For single or multiple location businesses, a PC with internet connection and a small desktop scanner streams business member deposits to your credit union. The scanner captures the front and back of each check; ensures the quality of the image; and deposits the total amount of all checks scanned using a secure internet connection. Online deposit history with stored images is available to both the credit union staff and the business member for 7 years. Duplicate item detection and risk mitigation features are incorporated, assignable permissions and tiered administration with advanced exportable reports are all part of TranzCapture business capture.  
  • ATM/ITM Capture/Intelligent Kiosk   –  ATM Capture/ITM Capture service provides image processing for checks deposited at your credit union’s image-enabled ATMs and interactive teller kiosks. Automated secure image files transmitted and processed in real-time with immediate image availability, real-time duplicate item detection, built-in risk mitigation, optional fraud detection, item correction performed by Catalyst, robust reporting with a single administrative hub for all TranzCapture digital deposit services. Catalyst ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk is integrated with several technology providers.