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  • August 06, 2019 Rollout of a Host of New ACH Rules Begins Sept. 20
    Same Day ACH continues to gain acceptance since its launch in September 2016. SDA transactions increased to 178 million in 2018, 137 percent more than in 2017 – SDA’s first full year. And now, Nacha is set to begin rolling out additional Same Day ACH enhancements.
  • July 02, 2019 Nacha CEO Jane Larimer on New Role, Same-Day ACH and the Future of Payments
    In addition to leading Nacha’s ACH payments initiatives, Larimer – the organization’s former COO and General Counsel – will be a featured speaker at Catalyst Corporate’s 2019 Economic and Payments Forum this fall. In her first interview as Nacha CEO, she shared her views on the ACH network, the future of payments and her vision for Nacha.
  • April 08, 2019 ACH vs. Other Faster Payments - How Do They Differ?
    There’s a lot of talk about accelerating payments today, and it can be confusing. In addition to NACHA’s Same Day ACH initiative, a new real-time payments network (RTP) is on the scene, and the Federal Reserve is evaluating faster payments processes. What’s the difference?
  • April 03, 2019 Change is Coming… Again
    More Same Day ACH rules are coming down the pike, beginning this fall. Like the previous set of Same Day ACH rules, the next batch will be introduced in three phases. Here’s what you need to know.
  • September 25, 2018 Same-Day ACH is Expanding
    Same-Day ACH is expanding! NACHA approved three new rules and will begin implementing those rules next year.