Annual Economic
& Payments Forum

Mark your calendars for Forum 2022!
September 19-21, 2022
Onsite at the
Renaissance Legacy West Hotel
Plano, Texas

Forum On-Demand

The Economy (Contact a Financial Solutions Consultant for access)

  • Session 1: Making Sense of the Post Pandemic Economy – Steven Houle
  • Session 4: How the Global Pandemic Affects Main Street – Jason Schenker
  • Session 6: The Economy's Impact on Credit Unions – Bill Hampel
  • Session 8: Economic Outlook on the Housing Industry – Mark Dotzour
  • Session 10: Welcome to the "Life's-Too-Short" Economy – Betsey Stevenson

Investments (Contact a Financial Solutions Consultant for access)

  • Session 2: Using External Capital to Propel Growth – How it Works and What You Need to Know – Mark DeBree
  • Session 9: Appraising Current Lending Portfolios and the Potential Impact for CUs – Casey Peterson

Payments: (Contact an Account Executive for access)

  • Session 5: The Rise of Self-Service Banking – The why and how driving Mobile, ATM & ITM trends – James Robert Lay
  • Session 7: Digital & Payment Transformations – Naseer Nasim