ACH Services

ACH Receipt

Catalyst Corporate’s ACH Receipt Service provides credit unions with a convenient way to receive ACH posting data. Catalyst Corporate has an online connection with the Federal Reserve Bank. Data exchange occurs on behalf of hundreds of credit unions daily. This saves credit unions the individual expense of maintaining a Fed account. And, it removes the administrative tasks required to work directly with the Fed.

Choosing Catalyst Corporate as the receiving point for ACH posting data streamlines daily operations and cuts costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • ACH posting data downloads to TranZact to help credit unions avoid the inconvenience of connecting with the Fed. TranZact is Catalyst Corporate’s online account management system.  
  • Credit unions also have the option of scheduling delivery of ACH posting files to their secure FTP.
  • Routing ACH data to Catalyst Corporate means TranZact can serve as the credit union’s single point of access for transactions and account information.
  • Return transactions and notices of change (NOCs) are faster and easier with Catalyst Corporate as the ACH receiving point.
  • Instant emails notify credit unions when the posting file is available.
  • Catalyst Corporate provides comprehensive, ongoing training and support.