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Remote Deposit Services Support Team

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Additional TranzCapture Support Services

Catalyst Corporate continually evaluates TranzCapture's core service offerings for potential enhancements to support success. These support services build upon our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service’s strong foundation.

What makes TranzCapture stand out from other payment services is that Catalyst Corporate remotely manages this payment solution. That means Catalyst can create new products that support and expand upon the core services and push them out with little to no down time.

Check out each of these support solutions that you can utilize to meet your RDC needs.

  • Advanced Fraud Solutions TrueChecks Service

  • Deposit Chek Service from Early Warning

  • Image Clear

  • Image Deposit Returns

  • Search for Mobile Users by User ID

  • Suppression of CAR/LAR Mismatch Items from Pending Approvals