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Deposit Fraud Protection – Advanced Fraud Solutions TrueChecks® Service

Download the brochureCatalyst Corporate is partnering with Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) to offer credit unions real-time check fraud protection – called TrueChecks®. Integrated into Catalyst Corporate's TranzCapture suite of deposit services as well as ImageClear, TrueChecks provides comprehensive fraud detection across all channels. TrueChecks identifies potential bad checks, enabling credit union staff to accept, hold or deny items that have a reasonable doubt of collectability.

An effective check fraud prevention strategy should include robust, regularly updated data sources and focus on every point of presentment. Fraudsters consistently target the weakest point, making it essential for credit unions to enforce the same strategy across all deposit channels to reduce the risk exposure to losses. 

TrueChecks evaluates deposits across these channels by scanning check data against the TrueChecks database, which has more than 10 years of historical data from thousands of banks, credit unions, and processor sources. This database seamlessly integrates with Catalyst Corporate's TranzCapture suite of deposit services to offer real-time responses on duplicates (effective against double presentment ploys) counterfeits, non-sufficient funds (NSFs), and closed accounts, which helps reduce manual workload, manager intervention and check fraud losses.

Features & Benefits:

  • Service can be enabled for any or all deposit channels from within TranZact
  • Inclusive database. National, comprehensive database of negative information
  • Software flexibility. Deployable to frontline or back-office staff in a variety of formats.
  • User friendly. Easily deployable to any credit union.
  • Improved process. Displays Reg CC-recommended action and associated risk.
  • Advanced Fraud Solutions' TrueChecks Service and Early Warning's Deposit Chek® Service are complementary and offer benefits when used together.
  • TrueChecks is available integrated with Catalyst Corporate’s TranzCapture suite of deposit services as well as ImageClear, or through direct access to the Advanced Fraud Solutions portal

The Early Warning name and Deposit Chek are registered and/or owned by Early Warning Services, LLC.