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Image Clear

Credit unions that use outside sources for some or all of their deposit work can direct the deposit data and images to Catalyst Corporate’s TranzCapture Image Clear service for processing, clearing, collection and settlement. Image Clear supports the forward collection and electronic check image exchange of deposited items.

Features & Benefits:

  • Real-time detection of duplicate items and batches
  • Real-time and/or next-day Early Warning® Deposit Chek® fraud protection across all deposit channels (different thresholds can be set for each channel)
  • Enhanced capabilities for managing items, data and reports
  • Credit unions can send their deposits to Catalyst Corporate using the x9.37 or the x9.100 file format.
  • In conjunction with Image Clear, Catalyst Corporate provides a secure copy service (SFTP) that allows credit unions or their vendors to place Image Clear files on Catalyst Corporate’s server.
  • Image Clear can also be utilized in a shared branching network.