Service Updates

Catalyst Corporate actively gathers member credit union feedback about its service offerings. Enhancements and new services blossom from this feedback to meet member needs. For a review of recent service additions and enhancements, see below:

  • Scanning Foreign Checks

    January 2019
    Credit unions now have the option to scan foreign check images into the TranzCapture deposit service for a nominal fee. Images may be viewed within TranZact for up to seven years. This feature eliminates the need for credit union staff to photocopy the front and back of checks prior to mailing the original items to Catalyst Corporate for processing. Access the "Foreign Item Scan" option on the "Scan Batch" screen in TranzCapture.

  • Wire Contingency Support

    April 2018
    Catalyst Corporate can fulfill the role of an on-demand back-up wire transfer processor should a credit union encounter wire service disruption through the Federal Reserve Bank. A credit union simply completes the appropriate agreements in advance with Catalyst Corporate and the Federal Reserve Bank. In a contingency situation that prevents a credit union from retrieving incoming wires through the Federal Reserve Bank, the credit union can contact Catalyst Corporate and the Federal Reserve Bank to have its wires redirected to Catalyst Corporate. The credit union then is able to view its wire transactions in TranZact and post wires manually to its core system. Outgoing wires also can be sent through Catalyst Corporate during a contingency situation when the credit union sets up users in TranZact.