Services Overview

Advisory Service

Catalyst Strategic Solutions’ Advisory Service is a comprehensive, SEC-registered program of customized balance sheet solutions and integrated ALM guidance from experienced industry professionals. The Advisory team helps credit unions achieve their strategic objectives by creating tactical plans to address long-term liquidity, effective returns, and protection of earnings streams and equity capital.

In addition, the Advisory team assists credit unions with their allocation of funds to maximize future earnings and liquidity, evaluate relative strength and risk to capital, and assess operational cost efficiencies. Specific and customized strategic guidance helps credit unions maneuver through various economic and interest rate environments.

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Asset/Liability Management Services

Catalyst Strategic Solutions’ ALM Services help credit unions measure interest rate risk on their balance sheets and obtain information useful for forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning.

The ALM team uses sophisticated modeling tools to help credit unions measure balance sheet risk. Credit unions receive customized, precise reports that indicate financial strengths, weaknesses and preparedness for the future.

The ALM team also produces a clear and concise report package that monitors financial performance and measures earnings fluctuations under a broad range of plausible interest-rate scenarios, factoring in such assumptions as changing interest rates, custom account behaviors, prepayments, new business pricing and non-term share pricing.

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Derivative Hedging Services

Interest rate derivatives are financial contracts executed between two parties, designed to protect the balance sheet from exposure to changing interest rates. Derivatives have been used successfully for risk mitigation by financial institutions for more than 20 years.

Catalyst Strategic Solutions' Derivatives Hedging Services program guides credit unions through the process of implementing a derivatives hedging program from start to finish.  Leveraging experience as an approved vendor under the NCUA’s derivatives investment pilot program, Catalyst Strategic Solutions already has the systems and expertise in place to assist credit unions with implementation.

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Subordinated Debt Program

Meeting strategic goals and initiatives is paramount for every credit union. Achieving them is sometimes challenging for a number of reasons. Net worth is one of them.

Net worth should not be a limitation for credit unions to effectively grow, expand, and provide value to their members. Fortunately for credit unions, federal and state examiners agree, along with a number of Catalyst clients. Catalyst's Subordinated Debt Program provides credit unions a means for overcoming net worth limitations, through the issuance of subordinated debt notes that can be counted toward a credit union's net worth ratio.

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"Catalyst" is a brand name for the financial services business conducted by Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union ("Catalyst"), both directly and through its subsidiaries, including CUSOURCE, LLC, d/b/a Catalyst Strategic Solutions ("CSS"). Balance sheet management services and asset liability management services are offered through CSS, a SEC registered investment adviser. CSS is a separate entity from Catalyst and all investment decisions are made independently by CSS employees. Neither Catalyst nor CSS provide its clients with legal, tax or accounting advice.