About Catalyst Corporate

Accelerating Member Success

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union is a wholesale cooperative financial institution that serves more than 1,400 member and client credit unions throughout the country. Catalyst Corporate provides its members with core financial services and back-office support, including payment solutions, liquidity, investment options and balance sheet management assistance.

Mission Statement:

To be a premier innovative corporate credit union providing exceptional member value in an efficient, safe and sound manner.

Operating Fundamentals:

Catalyst Corporate adheres to guiding principles – or operating fundamentals – that remain constant from year-to-year.

  • Catalyst Corporate continuously strives to maximize efficiency.
  • Catalyst Corporate prioritizes strategies that will create value for member credit unions.
  • Catalyst Corporate leverages technology to achieve its objectives whenever possible.
  • Catalyst Corporate builds financial strength in ways that surpass milestones and regulatory requirements.
  • Catalyst Corporate protects its members’ assets by closely monitoring and managing risks of all kinds, including credit, interest rate, liquidity, operational, reputation and enterprise-wide risk.
  • Catalyst Corporate is transparent with regard to its financial performance and operational practices affecting safety and soundness.
  • Catalyst Corporate achieves and maintains high service levels reflective of its role as a member-owned cooperative.
  • Catalyst Corporate is guided in all decisions by its structure as a member-owned cooperative.
  • Catalyst Corporate achieves and maintains a strong degree of engagement with its volunteer leadership, who are a primary link to the membership at large.
  • Catalyst Corporate engages in long-term planning and environmental analysis in order to be able to react to market forces and to use them to its advantage.
  • Catalyst Corporate sustains sufficient resources to ensure current operational needs are met and future objectives are achieved.
  • Catalyst Corporate acquires, develops and retains a well-qualified and motivated staff.

Taken together, these operating fundamentals are central to Catalyst Corporate’s “Accelerating Member Success” brand promise and help the corporate’s leadership maintain focus on its mission to make its member-owners more successful. As a “catalyst,” the corporate is able to accelerate the benefits of synergies inherent in the cooperative credit union community.