Security Safekeeping

Catalyst Corporate’s Security Safekeeping program gives credit unions a safe and convenient option for holding investment securities. Securities are registered in the credit union’s name on the credit union’s behalf, with all principal and interest payments credited to its settlement account.

Security Safekeeping complements both Catalyst Corporate’s brokerage service through CU Investment Solutions and Catalyst Strategic Solution’s Advisory Service, providing secure, competitively-priced, end-to-end service for investing and holding excess cash in marketable securities. The ease of settlement through a Catalyst Corporate Cash Management Account, as well as access to bond accounting reports through TranZact, makes Catalyst Corporate’s comprehensive investment services among the most convenient resources available to credit unions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Settlement through the credit union's overnight account is automatic.
  • Principal and interest payments are made through the credit union's overnight account.
  • Delivery versus payment (DVP) provides for simultaneous transfer of funds and securities.
  • Transactions may be entered conveniently online using TranZact.
  • Monthly statements are available in hard copy and posted to TranZact.
  • Market value reports for the credit union's securities are available online.