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Your Next Generation Remote Deposit Capture Service

Catalyst is proud to offer credit unions the most advanced next-generation remote deposit capture (RDC) solution. With a host of new features and risk controls, TranzCapture is built specifically for credit unions and their members.

TranzCapture is also consistently improved to better meet the needs of credit unions. When you join the TranzCapture RDC family, you join a network of member credit unions with ideas and improvements that could positively impact your RDC service in the future.

Why Make TranzCapture Your Deposit Capture Service?

Despite the declining use of checks, billions of checks are still written every year. Until checks are gone entirely, there is still a deep need for fast, safe and easy to use deposit capture services that will remain for years to come.

When you use TranzCapture, you benefit from Catalyst’s consolidated infrastructure. Hundreds of credit unions already use TranzCapture, and the technology is safe, reliable and efficient.

Better yet, Catalyst developed TranzCapture in-house, so you can reap the benefits of consistent updates and new features. As member credit unions identify ways that this deposit capture solution can better meet their needs, additional support services can be created to add on to the core TranzCapture services.

TranzCapture provides credit unions several ways to mitigate deposit fraud. Our advanced fraud protection includes real-time warnings across all deposit channels, a review queue and customizable features that allow each individual credit union to build a fraud mitigation solution that fits their goals.

Deposit Services

  • ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture

  • Branch Capture

  • Business Capture

  • Mobile Capture

  • Teller Capture

Share Draft Services

  • Share Draft Processing

Included with All TranzCapture Services

  • Features & Benefits

Additional TranzCapture Support Services

As Catalyst continues to improve TranzCapture, additional solutions evolve tobetter serve member credit unions. Here, you can view these additional support services, specifically built to complement the TranzCapture core services.

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