Behind the Numbers

The weekly Behind The Numbers report provides an easy to understand analysis of the most up-to-date economic data, including Federal Reserve activity. This timely report allows credit union management to focus on the changing dynamics that could impact members’ financial conditions, as well as the fluctuating interest rate environment. Included in the report is a summary of current and historical key interest rates, financial market indicators, investment yields and credit union loan rates.

  • More from the Fed

    June 24, 2022

    Last week’s FOMC meeting should have provided the financial markets enough information to stabilize and coast, at least until the July meeting. However...
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  • The Fed Shock

    June 17, 2022

    As expected, the FOMC raised the short-term lending rate this week for the second time in two months. For a bit of excitement, however, the FOMC increased the key rate by 75...
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  • Hot, Hot, Hot

    June 10, 2022

    It doesn’t appear that inflation has peaked, nor is it anywhere near the ceiling. In fact, year-over-year CPI rose 8.6% in May, a new record high. All components of the CPI report...
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  • Goldilocks is at the Door Again

    June 03, 2022

    By most economists’ analysis, the May job report classifies as a Goldilocks report, not too bad and not too good. The U.S. added 390,000 jobs in May, 70,000 more than expected....
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  • Consumers Not Deterred by Higher Prices

    May 20, 2022

    Retail sales increased in April for the fourth month in a row, as inflation remained at the highest level in decades. Sales rose 0.9% in April and were revised substantially...
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