SimpliCD Issuance

With one phone call, your credit union can issue up to $50 million or more in deposits in a single transaction to a network of more than 4,300 credit union investors. Find out more below or contact your representative now.

Credit unions can raise liquidity quickly and easily by issuing certificates through the SimpliCD program.

Features & Benefits:

  • Certificates are issued in customizable amounts and terms to meet individual asset/liability needs.
  • Participants have access to 4,300 potential credit union investors nationwide through the SimpliCD Purchases program.
  • Catalyst Corporate staff assist credit unions with market analysis and establishing terms.
  • Investors are pooled into one CD, saving time and money through efficiency.
  • Credit unions receive interest payments from one entity – Catalyst Corporate – with a single wire transfer, eliminating the need to track and collect interest from each investing institution.
  • There are no subscription or broker fees.
  • SimpliCD issuance involves very little paperwork.
  • SimpliCD rates are generally more favorable than other funding alternatives.

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