Term Loans

Catalyst Corporate offers competitively priced term loans to its member credit unions with a variety of terms and options, including fixed-rate, variable rate, bullet, and amortizing structures. Collateral requirements are flexible and loans can be structured to fit individual credit unions’ operational, asset/liability management and strategic requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Collateral requirements are flexible. Catalyst Corporate term loans may be secured by a general pledge of credit union assets or by a specific pledge of assets.
  • Loan options include fixed or variable rates, and bullet, amortizing or customized structures.
  • Liquidity is readily available when needed.
  • Term loans are available for periods ranging from 31 days to five years in duration.
  • There are no limits on the number of term loans a credit union may obtain, as long as the total credit line across all borrowing activity is not exceeded.
  • There are no fees to acquire a term loan.
  • Rates are attractive.
  • Principal and accrued interest payments are collected automatically.