Vault View

Vault View is a web-based application that manages branch, ATM and vault cash. It can eliminate cash overages and outages and automate cash requests. Vault View provides an integrated framework for cash management operations. Algorithms consider competing cash needs, delivery schedule, member demand and historical trends. This forecasts cash needs and recommends order and deposit amounts.

Reports and analytics communicate enterprise-wide cash positions and performance, while providing a uniform platform to streamline cash operations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Vault View forecasts accurate cash orders and deposits. This forecast is based on branch and ATM historical usage, operational limits and delivery schedule.
  • Vault View captures and analyzes denomination demands on a branch or ATM. It then guides managers to optimal cash levels with the appropriate denomination mix. This often reduces cash inventory. Branch personnel and ATM managers can review and edit orders and deposits.
  • A centralized order/deposit process for branch and ATM cash reduces staff time spent on these tasks. It also provides an opportunity to audit order exceptions.
  • Users can view all historical cash orders and deposits submitted by the branch. This eliminates the need to maintain a manual shipment log.
  • Comprehensive branch and institution level reports for reviewing performance metrics. Report includes days of cash on hand, requisition variance, cash inventory and denomination usage. 
  • Vault View automates communication with the credit union's money suppliers, reducing staff labor and ensuring accuracy.