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  • Catalyst Connect - April 13, 2021

    Demystifying Bond Investing: As bond yields continue to rise more rapidly than rates on certificates of deposit (CDs), and fewer CDs are being issued, Catalyst Corporate’s Brokerage Team is fielding more credit union inquiries about investing in bonds. Is your credit union considering investing in bonds for the first time? If so, here's what you need to know

    Setting the Stage for Increased Lending Activity: According to the latest research, a fast-rebounding economy, coupled with strong consumer confidence, may be setting the stage for lending growth at credit unions. What does this mean from a liquidity standpoint? Find out how selling loan participations may serve as a viable option for those looking to avoid tight liquidity positions when that time comes.

    Manage Your Catalyst Communications...with Just a Few Clicks! Whether in the form of news, economic insights or important contingency updates, Catalyst Corporate is committed to delivering the timely and educational information members need. Now, you can help further optimize the content you receive by updating your communication preferences with a functional job role. 

    Training Webinars: Cash Services (April 14), Funds Transfer Services (April 21), TranZact Profile and Navigation (April 28) ACHOne Receipt (May 5) and Corporate Share Drafts & Positive Pay (May 12).

  • Catalyst Connect - April 6, 2021

    Save the Dates...2021 Economic & Payments Forum: In 2020, Catalyst Corporate moved its annual Economic & Payments Forum online for the first time in four decades and almost 400 people attended – the highest number ever! This year, we plan to hold both an in-person event AND a virtual event, September 20-22. If you haven't already, please help the Forum planning team anticipate your needs by participating in this brief survey.

    Key to Staying Competitive? Optimizing Teller Interactions & Overall Experience:
    As many banking functions are changing, the need for some stays the same. Member service remains at the forefront of the new financial services landscape, so it’s crucial that credit unions continue to explore avenues for improvement – like optimizing deposit interactions with Teller Capture

    Join this year's VIRTUAL Annual Meeting! You're invited to attend Catalyst Corporate's Annual Meeting Tuesday, May 4, at 10 a.m. Central Time. Be sure to register for the online event on our website, under About Us/Due Diligence/Annual Meeting

    Catalyst Corporate CUSO, Aptys Solutions, Names New CEO: Naseer Nasim, a well-known and well-regarded fintech executive has been named president and CEO of Aptys Solutions. Catalyst Corporate’s 2020 acquisition of Aptys enabled a sweeping modernization of Catalyst’s ACH platform and, more recently, the introduction of PayMōli. Read more

    Training Webinars: ACHOne Administration (April 7), Cash Services (April 14), Funds Transfer Services (April 21), TranZact Profile and Navigation (April 28) and ACHOne Receipt (May 5).

  • Catalyst Connect - March 30, 2021

    Balance Sheet Management...Safely Walking a Tightrope: Credit union management has been challenged to walk a tightrope, especially this past year, focusing simultaneously on member needs and changes to the balance sheet. It required striking a balance – without leaning too far in either direction – between member behavior and asset diversification. Learn more in this week's blog.

    Catalyst Corporate's CTO Recognized for Leadership and Innovation: Diana Hennel, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Catalyst Corporate, has been recognized for exceptional leadership and technological innovation with Dallas Business Journal’s 2021 Women in Technology award.

    Fuel Up with the Newest BaZing Rewards Checking Benefit: Inspired by popular grocery store programs, StrategyCorps’ new BaZing Fuel program takes fuel rewards to a new level. Credit unions can offer checking accounts that help members save money when they visit any participating Shell station – all while driving their organization’s financial goals in a member-friendly way.

    Success for Everyone: Numbers count – and they tell a story about Catalyst Corporate and Catalyst Strategic Solutions. For almost 10 years, members have worked with their Corporate to deliver big numbers and big results. Get the story at a glance in Catalyst by the Numbers.

    'CECL Prep Starts Now,' New CECLution Program Coming Soon: Although the implementation date for CECL is still more than a year away, Catalyst Corporate is working to create resources to help credit unions better understand and prepare for the impact of the new accounting requirements. CECL will drastically change how credit unions account for expected credit losses in the future. But CECLution can help credit unions get ready now.

    Training Webinars: TranzCapture Deposit Settings & Reports (March 31), ACHOne Administration (April 7), Cash Services (April 14), Funds Transfer Services (April 21) and TranZact Profile and Navigation (April 28). 

  • Catalyst Connect - March 23, 2021

    Surge Deposits...Here to Stay? Historically, belief has been that surge deposits – during economically challenging periods such as this – were temporary and would dissipate once the economy returned to an upward trend. However, the opposite proved true during the Great Recession of 2008. What's to be expected with the current wave of surge deposits, and how should credit unions prepare? Check out this week's blog.

    CUNA GAC Panel: The Road to Real-Time Payments – How Fast is Fast Enough? Already on the path toward digital transformation, the COVID-19 pandemic has further redefined today’s payments landscape, putting real-time payments at the forefront – and on the fast track. Brad Ganey, SVP and Chief Operating Officer of Catalyst Corporate, was among the panelists at the Credit Union National Association's recent Governmental Affairs Conference on the topic, "The Road to Real-Time Payments: How Fast is Fast Enough?

    Heightened 'Taste' for Deposit Fraud Leaves CUs to Stomach Extra Risk: Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Macaroni and cheese. Unlike these iconic duos, contactless digital banking options may sometimes be associated with deposit fraud. But this duo can leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth – especially those on the front lines at financial institutions across the country. That's why a growing number of credit unions are turning to the added defense of an advanced fraud protection solution.

    Training Webinars: TranZact Reports (March 24), TranzCapture Deposit Settings & Reports (March 31), ACHOne Administration (April 7), Cash Services (April 14) and Funds Transfer Services (April 21).

  • Catalyst Connect - March 16, 2021

    CUs Pursue Pandemic Guidance, Brokerage Team Sees Record Securities Volume: A growing number of credit unions are turning to the trusted expertise of investment professionals – like Catalyst Corporate’s Brokerage Team – when it comes to portfolio management amidst COVID-19. Over the last 12 months, this team of experts helped hundreds of credit unions address excess liquidity, stagnant short-term rates and post-pandemic investment plans – setting record-breaking annual securities volume of $3.5 billion.

    Spring Has Sprung! Watch Your Operations Blossom with Expert Training: Achieving operational efficiency is a key to consistent success in the credit union world. To that end, Catalyst Corporate supports its member credit unions with training on the latest practices for a host of services. We invite you to join us for educational webinars on topics ranging from ACH rules and cash services to TranzCapture and much more.

    Why Checking Products Matter More Than Ever: There’s little doubt that the year-long struggle against COVID-19 has led to a sharp adoption of digital banking, but credit union checking accounts can still deliver surprising results leading to greater member satisfaction and strengthened relationship. Find out how a rewards checking program, such as Catalyst BaZing, can benefit both your members and your credit union. 

    Tune in to Catalyst's 10th Annual Meeting...Right From Your Desk: Catalyst Corporate's 2021 Annual Meeting of the Members is just around the corner – and it's never been easier to attend! Make plans to join us, virtually, Tuesday, May 4 at 10 a.m. Central Time. Registration for this year's online event is now open.

    Training Webinars: ACH Basics for Receipt and Origination (March 17), TranZact Reports (March 24), TranzCapture Deposit Settings & Reports (March 31), ACHOne Administration (April 7) and Cash Services (April 14).