Catalyst Corporate's person-to-person (P2P) mobile payment solution – called PayMōli – provides your members with a secure way to make payments to anyone they know, at any time, through your credit union. With PayMōli, it’s simple to send money using an iOS or Android mobile device – and for you to keep your members’ money at the credit union, protected in their existing account. 

PayMōli is processed through ACH, so there are no new operational steps to process the payments. Additionally, there are no credit cards involved, nor is there a third-party middleman removing funds from the member’s account. Plus, with Catalyst Corporate offering the solution, there are no credit union installations; members simply download the iOS or Android app from the app store.

Features & Benefits:

  • P2P solution for your members
  • Safe and secure
  • Custom-branded app that is simple to download
  • Keeps members’ funds in their checking or savings account
  • Members can send payments to anyone with an account at a financial institution
  • No credit cards required
  • Processed as ACH
  • Ongoing enhancement will bring new capabilities in the future, such as a real-time option via debit card rails

PayMōli provides your members with a level of security and compliance that is second to none and is unavailable outside the credit union. And in today’s world, convenience is key. Offering a safe mobile payment solution gives your credit union a competitive advantage and keeps your members and their money at your credit union.