Services Overview

As one of the largest payment aggregators in the U. S. dedicated to serving credit unions, Catalyst Corporate has developed its scalable infrastructure to support unlimited volumes of payments, while adding back-office efficiencies for members. Catalyst Corporate leverages the volumes of hundreds of credit unions to negotiate the most favorable pricing, and continually invests in the information technology and infrastructure necessary to minimize costs and labor for credit unions.  

As a not-for-profit, cooperatively structured organization, Catalyst Corporate shares the credit union philosophy, existing solely for the benefit of its member-owners. This structure offers credit unions distinct advantages for the services they use:

  • Economies of scale create efficiency and cost savings.
  • Services are developed specifically for credit unions, and credit union feedback provides the basis for innovative enhancements.
  • Liquidity, settlement and cash management can be handled at a single financial institution.
  • Experts in credit union operations manage many back-office functions.
  • Training and ongoing support are available at little or no cost.
  • The absence of a profit motive or the need to generate stockholder returns keeps prices in check.