Member engagement is vital to any cooperative enterprise, and this is especially true for Catalyst Corporate, where member support is essential to success. Catalyst Corporate is deeply committed to keeping the lines of communication open and does so by providing a steady flow of information and educational content – in addition to seeking member feedback.

Tools that exist to help Catalyst Corporate achieve its member engagement and transparency goals include a variety of newsletters, targeted correspondence, updates from the CEO and member surveys. In addition, Catalyst Corporate maintains a separate Contingency Communications website to ensure credit unions receive the information they need in the unlikely event that there is a disruption to the primary communication methods.

Catalyst Corporate’s communication channels include:

  • Correspondence
    Updates from the CEO, plus emails about services, operational issues, events and more.
  • Current News
    All of the latest news releases.
  • Communication Preferences
    Allows credit union professionals to sign up to receive certain communications and to provide details that will allow Catalyst Corporate to communicate with them successfully.
  • Contingency Communications
    Information about system availability and communication alternatives to use in the event of a disruption, instructions for signing up to receive contingency communications, and other guidelines for minimizing the impact of disruptions.
  • Insights from Catalyst
    Thought leaders blog about credit union news, trends and industry happenings.
  • Member Feedback
    Live surveys and a “comment box” in addition to summaries of the most recently conducted surveys.
  • Newsletters
    Current and past issues of Catalyst Connect, SCAN and Behind the Numbers.