Temporary Instant Debit Cards

The Temporary Instant Debit Card service enables credit unions to instantly issue a secure non-personalized Visa or MasterCard debit card in-branch without investing in equipment and software.

Temporary card stock is pre-embossed with "Valued Member" or an alternate custom selection. The cardholder can select a 4-digit PIN. Branch personnel activate the temporary card, and the cardholder can begin using the PIN and card immediately. The permanent, personalized card is mailed directly to the cardholder. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Credit unions gain the ability to compete with larger financial institutions
  • Provides access to member's account until permanent card is received in the mail
  • Same functionality as the permanent card
  • Convenient for new account card issuance
  • Quickly and easily replaces lost/stolen or compromised cards
  • Potential to increase activation rates and transaction volumes
  • Immediate solution increases cardholder satisfaction
  • No investment for in-branch hardware and software
  • Economical, low-risk alternative to in-branch instant issue equipment
  • Merchants have been accepting non-personalized prepaid cards for years; a temporary debit card is treated in a similar manner

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