Temporary Instant Debit Cards

The Temporary Instant Debit Card service enables credit unions to instantly issue a secure non-personalized Visa or MasterCard debit card in-branch without investing in equipment and software.

Temporary card stock is pre-embossed with "Valued Member" and pre-encoded to match secure, system-generated PIN mailers. Branch personnel activate the temporary card, and the cardholder can begin using the PIN and card immediately. The permanent, personalized card is mailed directly to the cardholder. Once the permanent card is activated, the temporary card is deactivated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Credit unions gain the ability to compete with larger financial institutions
  • Provides access to member's account until permanent card is received in the mail
  • Same functionality as the permanent card
  • Convenient for new account card issuance
  • Quickly and easily replaces lost/stolen or compromised cards
  • Potential to increase activation rates and transaction volumes
  • Immediate solution increases cardholder satisfaction
  • No investment for in-branch hardware and software
  • Economical, low-risk alternative to in-branch instant issue equipment
  • Merchants have been accepting non-personalized prepaid cards for years; a temporary debit card is treated in a similar manner

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