ECCHO Membership

Credit unions can access the benefits of the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO) through a Catalyst Corporate sponsored membership. ECCHO is a not for profit, member owned organization that advocates for financial institutions in electronic check collection. ECCHO functions much like NACHA does on behalf of the ACH industry.

ECCHO's primary areas of focus are: industry advocacy, education, and rules development and maintenance. One of ECCHO's most notable membership benefits is the structure it provides for member-to-member image exchanges.


"Rule 9" spells out who is responsible in the event of a fraudulent checking transaction. Without ECCHO membership, the "paying bank" is penalized when a fraudulent check is deposited. There is little chance of recovering funds. With ECCHO membership, the paying bank can make a claim against the "bank of first deposit" (BOFD). Under specific conditions, the paying bank can recover the loss. As a BOFD, an ECCHO member may have to pay claims for fraudulent transactions. However, members have peace of mind knowing they are covered by established rules.

Features & Benefits:

  • With no laws governing private sector image exchanges, ECCHO provides an agreement that codifies procedures, thereby reducing risk for participants.
  • ECCHO advocates for financial institutions by monitoring and responding to proposed regulatory changes on their behalf. ECCHO was integral in the passage of Check 21. ECCHO continues to represent industry interests as they relate to Reg CC, Reg J and more.
  • ECCHO members have access to reduced- or no-cost industry education, including the National Check Professional (NCP) certification program.
  • Members gain automatic access to thousands of image exchange partners using ECCHO Rules.
  • Members address the risks of image exchange with continually updated rules that are equitable for all. This applies regardless of size or type of financial institution.
  • Members obtain ECCHO Rules warranties and indemnifications without incurring significant legal expense.
  • Members avoid gaps and conflicts inherent in multiple sets of exchange agreements.
  • Members learn best practices for image presentment and exceptions processing.
  • Annual dues are based on the credit unions' total deposits and shares, as reported on quarterly call reports.
  • Invoicing is handled through Catalyst Corporate.
  • Complete information on ECCHO, including ECCHO Rules, is available at