ACH Services

ACH One is now Catalyst PayCatalyst Corporate’s innovative and user-friendly Automated Clearing House (ACH) Service, within the CatalystPay application, serves as a single source for all your ACH needs. CatalystPay is built for credit unions seeking a powerful ACH solution that will consolidate, enhance and simplify current processes.

CatalystPay is built by, maintained and created for credit unions. Because ACH is one of the primary ways members will interact with their credit union, it is imperative to ensure proper ACH offerings and services.

Credit Union ACH Services Include:

  • ACH Origination Service

  • ACH Receipt Service

  • Business ACH Origination

  • ACH Contingency Support

  • International ACH Service

ACH Modern Features and Benefits:

  • Automated FTP transfers for ACH origination, receipt and return items
  • Powerful research capabilities with an expanded online archive
  • Single sign-on access through TranZact
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Expedited processing of Same-Day ACH items
  • An integrated dashboard to manage ACH activity

Optional ACH Services

CatalystPay has optional ACH services that can be added depending on individual needs. Each of these services is built onto CatalystPay to address:

  • Client Access Business ACH Origination

  • ACH Warehousing

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Credit Risk Monitoring

  • Active Archive

  • Domestic OFAC Checking

  • International OFAC Checking

Credit unions choose Catalyst Corporate ACH Services to consolidate ACH origination, file receipt and settlement with a single provider. Catalyst Corporate offers a full complement of ACH services, allowing member credit unions to send and receive funds through this convenient, cost-effective channel. Catalyst Corporate's commitment to business continuity provides the assurance credit unions need regarding system reliability. And its team of Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) provides training and support throughout the year.