Contingency Communications


Please review and exercise the following guidelines to prepare for the unlikely event of a service disruption at Catalyst Corporate.  

Contingency Emails

(for use during a disaster or system disruption)

The contingency email address listed below becomes active and available for credit union and associate use in the event of a contingency situation. 

General Communications                   [email protected]

Notification of Availability Occurs:

  1. On the Contingency Communications website
  2. Through the credit union’s Contingency Contact email address(es)

Messages sent to the contingency email address route through a service at a remote location. Messages distribute to the appropriate recipient in a timely manner. Catalyst requests that credit unions and our associates send only public information to the email address. Do not send GLBA, confidential, or sensitive information.

The contingency email address is for initial communications and may change as circumstances warrant. Visit the contingency communication website,, for updates during a service disruption.

Credit unions and our associates are encouraged to exercise at least annually with Catalyst during contingency communication exercises to confirm the email address is accessible and to verify information. The email address is available for use only during an exercise or a contingency situation.

For more information, or if you are experiencing an issue, please contact Member Services.