Business (Merchant) Capture

By allowing businesses to capture check images remotely, TranzCapture Business Capture addresses the obstacles of limited branches and limited time – making it easier for small businesses, sponsor groups and select employee groups (SEGs) to use a credit union. Scanned deposited items are transmitted directly from the business to Catalyst Corporate's central administration for processing, clearing and collection. The credit union has the ability to review, modify or delete items/batches before they are processed.

Business Capture Features & Benefits:

  • Internet-based software; other than a scanner driver, there is no program software to install at member businesses
  • The solution is scalable for any size credit union or business
  • Online deposit history with images is available to the member business
  • Times may be set for automatic generation of posting files
  • Risk mitigation is flexible, allowing credit unions to set parameters during implementation for a range of variables and to update them at any time.
  • Various settings managed by the credit union include business name and location, business users and permissions (scan batch, search, reports), business scanners and business review limits (batch count, batch amount, daily count, daily amount, single amount, credit union contact information)

See the Overview for a list of features and benefits common to all TranzCapture services.

Already using TranzCapture Business Capture? Here's a flyer to promote the service to your members.