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  • Catalyst Connect - March 31, 2020

    Economic Stimulus Should Stimulate These Credit Union Thoughts: On March 27, President Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus measure, aimed to relieve the severe economic agony brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the affects of this will vary widely, nearly all credit unions should be thinking about some general considerations during these unprecedented times. 

    Adapting to the 'New Normal' and a Remote Workforce: In a short amount of time, the entire country has had to start adjusting to the “new normal.” Businesses and schools have shut their doors. And, terms such as “social distancing," and “flattening the curve” have now been added to our daily vocabulary. However, as credit unions transition to remote work environments, they’re facing a new set of challenges and considerations.

    How Will Changes Affect Your Balance Sheet? Find Out With What If Online! Sudden changes in the economy likely have credit unions considering the impact on their balance sheets and adjustments that need to be made. What If Online, Catalyst Strategic Solutions' balance sheet modeling service, can help you generate instant, online results for this type of ALM analysis.

    Online Training and Webinars: Item Processing Adjustments (April 8), TranzCapture for Mobile Demo (April 16) and Deposit Chek® Batch & Real-Time (April 22).

  • Catalyst Connect - March 24, 2020

    Catalyst Corporate is Here For You, Wherever You Are! In the wake of this unprecedented time in history, remote services will play a critical role in protecting the health of your employees, as well as your credit union’s bottom line. From TranZact to training, here are a few Catalyst Corporate remote capabilities that may be of assistance to you at this time.

    2019 Due Diligence Report Now Available: For the latest information regarding Catalyst’s Corporate’s financial performance, regulatory compliance and investment activity, members can view the 2019 Due Diligence Report – now available on our website under About Us/Due Diligence/Due Diligence Report.

    Online Training and Webinars: Share Draft Processing (March 25), Item Processing Adjustments (April 8), TranzCapture for Mobile Demo (April 16) and Deposit Chek® Batch & Real-Time (April 22).

  • Catalyst Connect - March 17, 2020

    Catalyst Corporate COVID-19 Announcement: As a precautionary move, Catalyst Corporate has activated its Pandemic Response Plan. As a result, most staff is working from their homes, and all business travel and attendance at credit union events has been suspended. We prepared for this type of event and don't anticipate any disruption in services. Ongoing updates can be accessed via the COVID-19 link on our home page

    Check Out Second Quarter Online Operational Training: Catalyst Corporate wants to ensure you have the training you need to perform your job efficiently and effectively. That's why we offer ongoing training webinars for our products and services, at no cost. In under an hour, you can brush up on techniques and tips to streamline your work environment. Here's what's coming up in Q2 2020.

    Compassion + Strategy = Managing Our Balance Sheet Through Uncertain Times: COVID-19 has continued its ominous march across the planet. Pandemic contingency plans have been activated, while schools have been closed. What can credit unions do to help? Check out this week's blog post as Catalyst Strategic Solutions Managing Principal Mark DeBree shares the latest on this ever-evolving topic. 

    Online Training and Webinars: TranzCapture for Business Demo (March 19), Share Draft Processing (March 25), Item Processing Adjustments (April 8) and TranzCapture for Mobile Demo (April 16). 

  • Catalyst Connect - March 10, 2020

    COVID-19 Update: At Catalyst Corporate, we are well aware of the potential impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking steps to ensure the continued availability of our services to members. Please find a COVID-19 message from President/CEO Bruce Fox, and additional contingency-related information, under the Communications tab on our website.

    Mobile Capture Success in 2020: It's All About the Right Solution!
     It’s no secret, the growing love affair with mobile capture continues to flourish. New data indicates the focus has shifted, and it’s no longer enough to simply offer a solution. It’s about offering the right solution. Want to learn more about Catalyst Corporate's Mobile Capture? Start here.

    Fourth Quarter Progress Summary Now Available: For a snapshot of Catalyst Corporate's performance, please view our Fourth Quarter 2019 Progress Summary. This quarterly report offers membership growth information and key performance ratios. It may also serve as a helpful resource when sharing the latest information with your board of directors. Catalyst Corporate's comprehensive 2019 Due Diligence Report is coming soon. 

    Tune in to the 2020 Annual Meeting: Catalyst Corporate will conduct its annual meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 10 a.m. Central Time. The meeting will be streamed via GoToWebinar. Attendees can register for the online video event on our website, under About Us/Due Diligence/Annual Meeting

    Upcoming Events and Training: ACH Basics (March 11), TranzCapture for Business Demo (March 19), Share Draft Processing (March 25), CUBG's Commercial Real Estate Lending for Credit Unions (Portland, OR, April 7-8) and Item Processing Adjustments (April 8). 

  • Catalyst Connect - March 3, 2020

    CUs Will Feel Impact of Fed's Half-Percent Interest Rate Cut: In response to economic concerns caused by the spread of coronavirus to 60+ countries, the Federal Reserve this morning lowered the federal funds rate by one-half percent. The move is widely seen as an effort to boost growth against the chilling effects caused by the spread of the virus, but it will also impact credit unions.

    Caution...New Ideas Ahead! Embracing Innovation in 2020: Every company, including credit unions, has to be ready to change from time to time to remain relevant. In this recent blog post, Catalyst Corporate President/CEO Bruce Fox talks about empowering employees to look inside and outside the organization for improvement opportunities. 

    2020 Q1 SCAN Now Available: From tackling the upcoming CECL transition to buying and selling loans, Catalyst Corporate covers the latest activity affecting credit unions. Your publication should arrive in the mail soon. In the meantime, a digital version can be found on our website, under Communications/Newsletters/SCAN.

    Upcoming Events and Training: Deposit Capture & Accounting (March 4), ACH Basics (March 11), TranzCapture for Business Demo (March 19) and Share Draft Processing (March 25).